When carbon high-end quality becomes even more exclusive, the result is a masterpiece

The exclusive special editions from Lightweight

Lightweight SPECIAL EDITIONS combine the passion and competence for the high-end road bike industry, as well as the finest carbon materials with special design and history. Besides the products from our product catalogue, the Lightweight engineers have created SPECIAL EDITIONS with a unique and individual product design and a lot of passion. Together we have planned, designed and produced - from enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The results are impressive.

CeramicSpeed Edition

Two technology leaders from the high-end bike sector meet and offer an exclusive product set with the MEILENSTEIN and the MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER in the Limited CeramicSpeed Edition. A partnership that makes sense, because both Lightweight and CeramicSpeed work with absolute high-end materials and produce your masterpieces by hand. Equipped with a specially designed CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheel System, the wheels are not only fast, but make a real design statement on the road.

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Lightweight OBERMAYER GOLD ED is our exclusive and ultra stiff full carbon spoke wheel. By using carbon fibres and resin sparingly, we have created one of the lightest and at the same time stiffest carbon wheels - and limited to 99 wheels and thus definitely set a monument.

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The URGESTALT GERMAN ED racing bike is a carbon road bike of German engineering art, which was developed exclusively for the Asian market. Perfect performance and tasteful expression of our roots in one.

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Our URGESTALT GOLD is the essence of uniqueness. Refined with 24 carat gold and with only 24 built pieces it forms the crown jewel of our product portfolio. Lightweight and gold united forever - a value for eternity.

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