Riding in the gold rush with the OBERMAYER Gold Edition

We have set a monument to the unique feeling of riding an exclusive and ultra-stiff full carbon spoke wheel. With the OBERMAYER GOLD ED.

Whoever has once had our MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER under the saddle will know this indescribable feeling: Riding like in a frenzy, made possible by outstanding features that are second to none. By using carbon fibres and resin sparingly, we have created one of the lightest and at the same time stiffest wheels, refined with golden details and limited to exactly 99 wheel sets.

The white Lightweight logo adorns the Limited Edition as well as the original golden signature of Heinz Obermayer, the developer of this intoxicant. As these are individual unique pieces with their own serial number, each MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER carries a golden number on the flank. The four golden spokes, the golden writing on the hub sticker and the pressure pieces, valve extension and hub stickers in black, round off the noble appearance perfectly.

Every buyer receives on top a certificate signed by Heinz Obermayer and has the opportunity to spend a "Heinz Obermayer Day" in our carbon manufactory, including a guided tour and lunch. The OBERMAYER GOLD ED is delivered with a specially designed wheelbag and titanium quick release skewers.


Weight front wheel420 g
Weight rear wheel565 g
Rim height47,5 mm
Max. Rim width20 mm
Number of spokes (front/rear)16/20
Recommended tyre width19-27 mm
Max. system weight90 kg