Beyond strength, beyond speed, beyond aerodynamics

Introducing an evolution in aerodynamic speed, handling, and performance, engineered for individuals ready to ride beyond.

Meet the next step in our ongoing pursuit to provide the fastest, best riding, most responsive wheels on the market: FERNWEG EVO PRO. Combining the lightning-fast looks and aerodynamic advantages of a high-profile rim design, FERNWEG EVO PRO goes beyond the original FERNWEG EVO, saving weight without sacrificing any strength or rigidity. Crafted to the exacting standards that have set Lightweight wheels apart from the pack for nearly four decades, FERNWEG EVO PRO sits at the intersection of engineering and art—a stiff, stylish, and reactive wheelset hand built for riders who have tried the rest and are now ready for the best. Boasting the same acceleration and stiffness-to-weight values as our flagship OBERMAYER EVO wheelset, FERNWEG EVO PRO sets a new precedent for aerodynamic performance and design. Beyond these measurable advantages, however, FERNWEG EVO PRO delivers a full sensory riding experience, from the instantaneous action of power being translated from output into forward momentum to the nearly frictionless feeling of the smooth CeramicSpeed bearings—to the whirring of wheels as the cut through the wind. Ride beyond expectations with FERNWEG EVO PRO.

Built to beat the wind

Working together with engineers, experts, and professional athletes we conducted extensive real-world and wind-tunnel testing, analyzing the results to identify the ideal shape and profile height in order to create the best riding, most aerodynamic design possible. The resulting wheelset delivers more than speed. It also excels in terms of stiffness, handling, weight savings, and importantly, insensitivity to crosswinds—ensuring an unprecedentedly smooth ride.

FERNWEG EVO PRO doesn’t just look fast. It’s high-profile rim acts to effectively dissipate headwinds, reducing drag and resulting in more speed—especially effective in fast-paced training, races, and group rides where average speeds stay well above the important 40Km/h threshold. But it's in crosswinds that the new design of FERNWEG truly excels. By delivering a more stable ride experience, even in strong gusty conditions, riders can focus on the road ahead rather than fighting to hold their line, spending their energy on turning the pedals, not maintaining balance.

In its new PRO iteration, FERNWEG delivers all this and more for less—shaving 130 grams off the total weight of the original edition, making it a go-to wheelset for a variety of rides and routes—from flat-out sprints to rolling hills and beyond.

The Lightweight FERNWEG EVO PRO wheelset is produced in three colorways: Schwarz ED, Schwarz ED Titanium (available soon), and Schwarz ED Titanium Black (available soon).

Your favourite wheel

The Lightweight FERNWEG EVO PRO at a glance:

The modern aerodynamic high-profile carbon rims of FERNWEG not only have lower air resistance; they also offer a number of other advantages:

  • Lower susceptibility to crosswinds and gusts
  • Reduced air resistance in lateral flow for the possibility of propulsion, aka the sail effect
  • Significant weight savings compared to the FERNWEG EVO model, 130 grams
  • Precise braking performance thanks to an innovative Pentagon SL Hub
  • Tubeless technology for decreased rolling resistance
  • High rigidity for direct power transmission without loss of energy
  • Maximum acceleration due to excellent stiffness/weight ratio
  • Light and stable with high directional stability
  • Low weight despite high-profile design
  • Both FERNWEG EVO PRO 63 and FERNWEG EVO PRO 85 models are UCI-compliant

FERNWEG EVO PRO is available in two rim heights, 63mm and 85mm, for your performance bike and comes equipped as follows:

  • Lightweight 28" road bike wheelset
  • 1565g for the FERNWEG EVO PRO 63
  • 1665g for the FERNWEG EVO PRO 85
  • Carbon tubeless wheelset for racing bikes
  • Disc brake (disc)
  • 24mm width rims
  • Front and rear wheels each with 20 full-carbon spokes
  • Pentagon SL Hub
  • EXP Technology: Easily replaceable rotor for Campagnolo, Shimano, and SRAM
  • CeramicSpeed ball bearings for outstanding performance in all situations
  • The permissible total system weight of the FERNWEG EVO PRO is 100 kilograms.

Please note: each Lightweight wheelset is carefully handcrafted in Germany. This may result in slight variations in surface structure and color. This is a characteristic feature of our particularly high-quality production method. Lightweight stands for high-end German-made manufacturing.

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