Lightweight Technology

Small details with big effect

Lightweight Performance Shape

The components of our wheels are a perfect geometrical match. The rim with our Active Foam Core, the Pentagon Hub design and our Rim-to-Rim spokes are perfectly connected and allow the ultra-light and stiff construction of the Lightweight wheels. The monocoque construction with LCC carbon of our wheels is very elaborate and provides best stiffness-to-weight ratios (STW). In cross-section, our rim and the directly connected spokes form an X which results in significantly less twisting at the wheel and even more of your power is transferred directly to the road.

Rim-to-Rim Design

Unlike the classic wheel design, Lightweight's carbon spokes run continuously from one side of the rim over the hub to the other side of the rim. This so-called Rim-to-Rim design provides extremely high torsional and lateral stiffness that cannot be achieved with conventional spokes. Our spokes can absorb tensile forces of up to 1,800 kilograms and are about 3 times stiffer than a steel spoke. The form-fit and material-fit (firmly laminated) connection of the carbon spokes to the hub and rim eliminates any deformation and ensures breathtaking propulsion. Furthermore, the type of connection leads to an enormously long life of the entire wheel, since the material barely fatigues.

Active Foam Core

On the Inside of the rim is our high-performance foam core, called Active Foam Core. Through a patented process, we can build our wheels not only lighter, but also gain significantly more stiffness due to less deformations. Compared to conventional designs without cores, the Active Foam Core has a vibration damping effect and consequently ensures a smooth ride.


Not all carbon is the same. For our wheels we use only specially selected material, our so-called Lightweight Custom Composite Carbon - LCC carbon. A special combination of very thin prepregs with high-strength and high-stiffness fiber types enables us to reduce wall thickness and sets new standards in both stiffness and weight without compromising on durability and safety.

Pentagon Hub

The Lightweight engineers have developed a unique design for maximum power transmission. The Pentagon Hub design is the technological heart of each disc-braked Lightweight wheel. It comes as a standard and SL version and is used in various Lightweight wheels. In the SL version (Super Light - see picture), the total weight has again been reduced by 70 grams (in the set) and the aerodynamics improved. The high heat that acts from the brake disc on the hub is reliably dissipated. The additional form closure by the hub housing in the form of a polygon (pentagon) ensures an extremely safe power flow from the tire to the brake disc. This increases safety, particularly on longer descents. For cyclists who strive for maximum performance, we optionally offer the hub with CeramicSpeed bearings.