A value for eternity

Passion for technology, exclusivity and design – that’s what Lightweight stands for.

Our URGESTALT GOLD ED is the essence of uniqueness. Refined with 24 carat gold-leaf and only built in a quantity of 24 exemplars, it represents the crown jewel in our bike portfolio.

The URGESTALT GOLD ED combines the German art of engineering with our decade-long leading experience in the field of carbon production, and with the timelessness of gold.

Gold represents one of the most fascinating materials in history and stands for purity, authenticity and quality. These properties and values are reflected in our company philosophy. Lightweight unified with gold – a value for eternity.

The perfection of this bike, which is produced in limited numbers, lies in the precision and quality of each individual component, which is matched to the geometry and design of the URGESTALT to optimally develop the extraordinary performance of our world-leading MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER wheels.

The golden decorations on our exclusive Urgestalt frame, as well as the additional limited edition products are handmade and applied.

The result of this time-consuming processing are 24 unique and individually manufactured roadbikes. The proportion of the applied craftsmanship during the entire manufacturing process is 100% filfilling.

The shine in your eyes is our drive in the pursuit of perfection in everything we do.