Lightweight DNA

We build wheels for top performance

Extraordinary stiffness to weight ratios

Stiffness, low weight, performance and quality. There are many reasons why Lightweight is among the best manufacturers in cycling. To us, even the smallest detail is of great significance. Only this way, we can achieve the performance data that our wheels are renowned for. With a unique stiffness to weight ratio (STW), a specially developed carbon and handcrafted production, our bikes represent the highest level of engineering from Germany. When you ride Lightweight, you are not just riding a brand, but a masterpiece with a goal: to develop maximum performance.

Wheels with highest stiffness

Full carbon wheels

Lightweight wheels are entirely made out of full carbon. Our engineers consciously renounce hybrid materials and rely on our own developments. The Rim-To-Rim design makes for an improved torsion and lateral stiffness by leading the spokes from one side of the rim over the hub to the other side of the rim. The monocoque construction of our wheels requires a lot of effort and is the base for excellent stiffness to weight ratios. The result is direct power transmission without loss of energy.

Technology that moves

The perfect wheel

For over 20 years, we have been researching, testing and developing wheels for race bikes with our engineers in Friedrichshafen, pursuing a simple goal: creating the perfect wheel. Utilizing only highest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, our wheels are being hand-made within a closed production chain. It is vital that all components and connecting elements are always coordinated with each other and comprehensively tested. If necessary, we also redevelop entire components in order to get even more performance out of our wheels. We also utilize technologies and high-quality carbon fibers that are otherwise only used in the aerospace industry.

Handmade in Germany

Handcrafted quality and performance

Lightweight wheels are 100% handcrafted in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and every single wheel is subject to strict quality controls. This means that everything comes from a closed production cycle, components can be developed in-house and, in addition, we make our contribution to reducing traffic through short transport routes. We continue the tradition of our company co-founder and pioneer Heinz Obermayer, who in the beginning helped great athletes to legendary victories with the simplest means from his garage. To this day, quality and performance are the top priorities at Lightweight. Behind each wheel, there is an elaborate process of steps until it can finally ride on roads. And you can feel this effort with every step, every steering and every braking maneuver.

The Lightweight manufacture

Detailed manufacturing

Our wheels do not come from an automated mass production, but from our own manufacture, where the wheels are carefully handcrafted. This process may result in slight deviations in surface structure and color, but this is a characteristic quality feature of this particularly elaborate production method. Our qualified employees work with precise production techniques under strict testing regulations. As a result, the wheels are of the highest quality and corresponding durability. To emphasize this quality, we offer for all our wheels the Lightweight wheel protection and for all disc wheels an extended manufacturer's warranty.

Heinz Obermayer - The Pioneer

From the garage to the podium

Our passion for racing bikes is based on a moving story. Initially, the two skilled automotive workers Heinz Obermayer and Rudolf Dierl wanted to build wheels for sulky carts in harness racing. But a little provocation steered them to cycling, where the new material carbon was welcomed with open arms and soon led to big victories. At that point, the duo was still working out of a garage and didn't had neither a brand name nor logo. With Lance Armstrong's victory in the 2001 Tour de France, the order books literally exploded and a company as well as a production facility had to be established in order to meet the high demand. As a result, the Lightweight company was founded and Heinz Obermayer successfully continued his work here.