Lightweight Athletes

Sharing passion and perfection with the best

Lightweight is proud to be working with some outstanding professional and amateur athletes and enthusiasts. These incredible sportspeople ride the world’s roads on our wheels, and sometimes using our components too. Lightweight and our athletes share one thing in common: a passion for road, track and gravel cycling, high-quality materials, and the feeling you get when you ride on the best equipment.

As well as performing so outstandingly using Lightweight equipment, our Lightweight athletes deliver equally high-end expertise from on and off the road. We work very closely with the best of the best, not only providing them with our products, but also channelling their experience into the development of our products so that we learn from them.

Extreme athlete

Jonas Deichmann
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Ulrich Bartholmoes
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Cross specialist

Chris Tonge
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Track cyclist

Orla Walsh
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Gravel Cyclist

Brennan Wertz
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Spanish Rider and Cycling Lover

Daniel Sanz
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Racing Cyclist

Lilibeth Chacón
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