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Our carbon wheelset models

Lightweight stands for high-quality wheelsets made of carbon. The production of carbon wheels is and remains an art. And Lightweight masters this art of engineering down to the last detail. In our carbon wheels, we combine lightweight construction, stability, stiffness and comfort, thus ensuring perfect harmony between rider, road bike and its wheelset. We offer our road bike wheelsets in different rim variants, with clincher, tubular and tubeless tyres, as well as with rim brakes and disc brakes. The purchase of a single wheel, for example as a spare wheel, is also possible.


If you are looking for the ultimate performance wheel, look no further. OBERMAYER EVO is one of the lightest disc wheels available and will impress you with a whole line of features. More propulsion, improved safety and increased stiffness – that’s OBERMAYER EVO.



Our MEILENSTEIN EVO is the perfect all-round wheel and is one of the lightest and at the same time stiffest road bike wheelsets on the market. In addition to its weight and unique stiffness, the wheel convinces above all with its braking performance.

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Lightweight FERNWEG EVO

AERO meets PERFORMANCE – The FERNWEG EVO is the carbon reference wheel for triathlon sports and time trials. Lightweight sets new standards with the Aero wheels in the combination of aerodynamics, crosswind resistance, stiffness, handling and weight.



Beyond strength, beyond speed, beyond aerodynamics – The FERNWEG EVO PRO offers the ultimate experience for individuals ready to ride beyond. Combining stiffness, aero performance, style, and weight savings, FERNWEG EVO PRO is available in two rim widths and three colorways.



For off-road adventures, PFADFINDER EVO is the perfect choice. With an extended tire width of up to 40 mm, you will keep total control, even on gravel. Highest precision with maximum comfort – off-road has never been this much fun.



This wheelset is a homage to the inventor of the Lightweight Carbon wheels - Heinz Obermayer. The lightest wheelset from Lightweight requires very less energy to accelerate the rotating mass and is still exceptionally stable.


Lightweight AUTOBAHN

Propulsion, speed, lightness, stiffness, agility. AUTOBAHN is our time trial wheel without compromise. The AUTOBAHN wheels define for triathlon and time trial the fastest wheel set in the battle for every second.


Lightweight RUNDKURS

RUNDKURS is our carbon track wheel in the product portfolio. The track oval is not forgiving. The disc construction and weight distribution of the full carbon wheels guarantee absolute curve precision.


A carbon wheelset from Lightweight with special features

Laminated spokes for more stiffness

Especially with light carbon wheels, the spoking quality is of particular importance. Lightweight is the only manufacturer to produce full carbon wheelsets with laminated spokes. What does this mean for you? The spokes integrated into the carbon rim rarely need to be re-centered, as the wheel remains almost constantly stiff. The spokes can withstand a traction force of more than 3,000 kg, which ensures a high level of safety during a normal ride. If the wheels are used as intended, they are almost indestructible.

Our passion is carbon

Our wheels have always been made of carbon. Our engineers have a broad-based expertise in this field. A carbon wheelset is much stiffer than a wheelset made of aluminium or a mixture of aluminium and carbon. The high stiffness provides more precision, which makes steering easier and at the same time provides enormous propulsion, as every step can be converted into speed. Why is this so? A Lightweight full carbon wheel can hardly twist, no watt is lost and instead is converted into acceleration as fast as an arrow. The road bike wheels are all handmade in Germany. This way we as a manufacturer can implement our high quality standards and continue to improve them.

The right wheel for every use

Every rim is a "specialist" in its field or a real jack-of-all-trades. The MEILENSTEIN, the MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER as well as the WEGWEISER have their strengths as all-rounders, so they can be used equally in high mountains, training or competition. The RUNDKURS belongs on the track oval. With GIPFELSTURM you can conquer any high mountain range and with AUTOBAHN and FERNWEG you can master any triathlon and time trial. Depending on your goals, we have the right Carbon Clincher wheelset, Tubular wheelset or with the Generation EVO - Tubeless wheelset for you.

An overview of the equipment options of the carbon road bike wheelsets

Most carbon wheelsets are available in tubular and clincher versions. All wheels of the generation EVO are available as tubeless version. In addition, the road bike rims are equipped with rim brakes (non-disc) and some with disc brakes (disc). The portfolio also includes a disc wheel. Further distinguishing features of the road bike wheels are rim height and rim width which can vary or be configured depending on the model. The front wheels are available with 16 or 20 spokes, the front wheel of AUTOBAHN is equipped with only eight spokes.

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