OBERMAYER EVO – Discover new power on the way to the top

Incredibly light, unbelievably stiff

Since its inception, the Lightweight brand is firmly connected to its creator and co-founder Heinz Obermayer. His ideas and visions have always been a drive for new developments and have once again been an inspiration for your latest wheel. The result is the new OBERMAYER EVO.

To the history of Lightweight

On the way to the top, every gram and every watt is crucial. In order to keep up with the top field, you need material that provides precision, performance and safety. Because the unique stiffness to weight ratio of OBERMAYER EVO, every step is translated into maximum propulsion without any loss of energy. And weighing in at only 1.230 grams, it is one of the lightest carbon disc wheelsets on the market. OBERMAYER EVO is the ultimate disc performance wheel and is suited for use on (mountainous) roads, training and competition.

When it came to the OBERMAYER EVO, our engineers didn’t leave anything to chance.  That’s why they used LCC-Carbon which has already been successfully tested and used in aerospace. Thanks to the Active Foam Core, we were once again able to save on weight and at the same time increase stiffness. The proven Rim-to-Rim design, combined with the Lightweight Performance Shape, ensures breathtaking acceleration. The innovative Pentagon SL Hub is 60 grams lighter and improves heat dissipation during braking, subsequently increasing safety on long descents.

About the Lightweight Technology

The essential features of OBERMAYER EVO are:

  • Total weight of only 1.230 grams
  • One of the lightest full carbon disc wheel sets on the market
  • Unique carbon layup
  • New Pentagon SL Hub and EXP technology
  • Tubeless technology

OBERMAYER EVO is available in the standard edition as well as in the Schwarz ED.

Keep Climbing – Discover new power on the way to the top, with the new OBERMAYER EVO