Ulrich Bartholmoes


His passion is ultracycling – an athlete who loves extreme challenges. Ulrich has been the overall winner of several ultracycling races such as the Trans Pyrenees, Transiberica and Two Volcano Sprint in 2019 and the Three Peaks Bike Race and Two Volcano Sprint in 2020. In 2021 he raced and won the B-Hard Ultra Race in Bosnia, and won and set new records for the Trans Pyrenees Race, Transiberica, Badlands race and Two Volcano Sprint. He was the first finisher in the Granguanche road race at the start of 2022.

“It’s just about riding the bike … maybe a bit longer…”

Hard Facts:


Ulrich “uba” Bartholmoes


1.82 m

Date of birth:


Place of birth:


Lives in:

Munich and Girona



Biggest successes:

Overall winner of several ultracycling races such as the Trans Pyrenees, Transiberica, Two Volcano Sprint, Three Peaks Bike Race and Granguanche road race 2022

Ulrich has been cooperating with us for a long time and now we are proud to present you a short interview with him from March 2022:

How did you find out about Lightweight?

Ulrich: “In 2016 I wanted to get myself a super-light road bike built, and when it came to the lightest and most suitable wheels, I immediately thought of Lightweight.”

What attracts you to Lightweight?

Ulrich: “Lightweight builds exceptional products. They’re all hand-made rather than mass-produced. The craftsmanship, the precision, the performance, the low weight and the stiffness are all part of a highly unusual package that impress me every time I ride on them.”

What was your first impression of Lightweight wheels? How did they feel to ride on?

Ulrich: “It was definitely like riding on eggshells at first, because they’re not like other wheels. But with every kilometre I gained more confidence and now I don’t know of any wheels that are as stiff and responsive as the Lightweight MEILENSTEIN.”

How long have you been riding Lightweight wheels?

Ulrich: "I've been riding Lightweight wheels since 2016."

Which Lightweight wheels are you using at the moment?

Ulrich: “Lightweight MEILENSTEIN EVO and Lightweight PFADFINDER EVO.”

What are your next major goals and projects for 2022/2023 with Lightweight?

Ulrich: “The Transcontinental Race from Belgium to Bulgaria: 4,200 kilometres non-stop across the European continent.”