Lilibeth Chacón

Racing Cyclist

Lilibeth del Carmen Chacón García is a Venezuelan racing cyclist. She competes in several UCI women’s road races and ist he current venezualian road champion. We are proud that you are part of our Athletes program.

“Alone you can get there fast but accompanied you get further.”

Hard Facts:


Lilibeth Chacón



Date of birth:

1st March of 1992

Place of birth:


Lives in:

Bogotá, Colombia



Biggest successes:

Panamerican champion X3, - Champion „Vuelta a Colombia“ – Champion „Bolivariana“ X2. – Olymbpic cycle

Now she’s part of our family as well, and we’re proud to present a short interview with her from July 2022:

How did you find out about Lightweight?

Lilibeth: „Always listen to them as a benchmark in elegance and quality. I also saw that several friends with whom I trained used them, then in “Bicicletas Strongman“ I learned about their origin along with the characteristics and technologies of the wheels.“

What attracts you to Lightweight?

Lilibeth: „As I said before, it is an elegant wheel, also the technology and the weight that the wheels handle are incredible, I have had the opportunity to try different brands but Lightweight for me is the most complete wheel, visually and technically they are spectacular, its carbon demonstrates that they are the best wheels in the world an example that they are the best is that with these wheels I won LA VUELTA COLOMBIA.“

What was your first impression of Lightweight wheels? How did they feel to ride on?

Lilibeth: „It is the perfect wheel, my performance improves with Lightweight.

Racing with these wheels feels different, they feel soft and light with their maximum stiffness.“

Which Lightweight wheels are you using at the moment?

Lilibeth: „Lightweight MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER and Lightweight FERNWEG EVO SCHWARZ EDITION for time trial.”

What are your next major goals and projects for 2022/2023 with Lightweight?

Lilibeth: „I want to win each of my competitions accompanied by Lightweight, I want this brand to accompany me in each training session, each competition and to win the world championship with my wheels.“

What is your favourite quote?

Lilibeth: „Alone you can get there fast but accompanied you get further.“