Lala Belle


Interview with Lala Belle:


What inspired you to pursue a career in cycling, and how did you become associated with the G brand Lightweight?

So, picture this, I’m basically the-forever-service car for my hubby and his buddies. These guys are legit crazy, waking up before sunrise to tackle climbs, all while I'm sipping my coffee and questioning their life choices.

But here's the kicker, I watch them conquer these rides, the sheer ecstasy on their faces after conquering a brutal ride, get into me.  And suddenly, I'm like, ""I want a piece of that action.""  If they can do it, surely I can too, right?  That's how my cycling journey kicked off.

I got so into it, both physically and mentally, that my social media explore page did a complete 360 - from artsy pic and cute dogs videos to a full-on cycling extravaganza.  Then, out of the blue, it throws Lightweight wheels my way.  I'm talking drop-dead gorgeous, like love at first sight.  So, naturally, I'm like, Yep, those babies are gonna be mine, no matter what!""

The aesthetic just grabs you by the eyeballs – slick, timeless, perfectly designed.  Mwah!!  It's the right amount of everything.  And when I finally tried those wheels, I fell even harder.  Talk about love at first ride!

Can you share a memorable experience or race that significantly impacted your cycling career?

Cycling has become my ticket to a world I’ve never seen coming.  I'm hanging out with people I probably wouldn't have befriended in a million years.  We're talking about connecting with beautiful souls who were like unicorns in my social circle – rare and elusive.  Fast forward, and now we're not just spinning together through these jaw-dropping places; we're swapping stories, both on and off the bike.   It’s just unbelievable.

How do you prepare mentally and physically for a race, and are there specific rituals or routines you follow?

I'm all about the fun vibes.  Know your body, know your weakness, and fix it, prep for the best whether it's a massive ride or a race.  Let's just go out there, give it our all, and let the body and mind do their thing.  You'd be amazed at the surprises your body pulls off!  Rankings, speed, or slowness – who cares, as long as we're having a blast, that's the real win.

As an athlete, how do you handle setbacks or challenges, both in training and during competitions?

"It’s all part of the game – bumps happen, that doesn't mean you stop pedaling.  Personally, I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat, big on self-doubt and nerves.  But, I will ""Just go!”!!

On tough training days, it's progress over perfection.  If a session doesn't go as planned, no dwelling on hiccups.  Resilience on the road is as crucial as leg power.  And reminding yourself to overcome it is the best feeling, you’ll feel.  And the other time, you gotta give your legs and head a good shout like ""Shut up!”.  Yelling optional but highly therapeutic ;-P  At the end of the day it’s simply life with laughs, mantras, and the occasional shout-out to my limbs."

What role does technology and equipment, particularly the G brand Lightweight products, play in enhancing your performance?

First things first, the thrill of riding with confidence.  Knowing your ride’s got your back, no matter where you roam, is the ultimate feeling.  And when you're not just in sync with yourself but also with every part of your trusty ride, that's when the real magic kicks in – it's pure gold.

How do you balance the demands of professional cycling with personal life, and what sacrifices have you had to make to excel in your sport?

It's a constant hustle, finding the sweet spot between training and chilling on the couch or kicking back with friends and loved ones.   Sacrifices are part of the deal.  And yeah, waking up before sunrise might be a small price to pay.  In the end, it's all about chasing the cycling dream while keeping enough time for the occasional Netflix binge ;-P

What advice would you give to aspiring cyclists who aim to reach a professional level, especially those interested in aligning with the G brand Lightweight?

Be yourself, be the best you can be.  Trust in who you are and just have fun living and enjoying what’s coming your way.  

Let us know your day-2-day Lightweight wheel model

Fernweg EVO is my ride-or-die.  When the city is flat as a pancake, then Fernweg gives me butter-like joyride.

What else we need to know?

You will figured out the more you we talk :)