Elliot Phillips


Interview with Elliot Phillips:


What inspired you to pursue a career in cycling, and how did you become associated with the G brand Lightweight?

I found gravel racing after taking some time away from the sport and instantly fell in love with it. I noticed professionals like Jan Ullrich riding them in the tour de france as a kid on TV and always loved the flare and design of the product.

Can you share a memorable experience or race that significantly impacted your cycling career?

Probably coming second at Unbound 100, it kind of proved that I could also get results along with making content!

How do you prepare mentally and physically for a race, and are there specific rituals or routines you follow?

No coffee the day before the race so I get a big hit on the day. Get to the race 2-3 days before and make sure the day before the race is as nonstressful as possible. Have all the hard prep done 2 days before the race.

As an athlete, how do you handle setbacks or challenges, both in training and during competitions?

I use it to appreciate the times when I was going well or had a good result. You don't know what its like to succeed without knowing what it's like to fail. Your always going to have things not go your way, especially in gravel racing so just make sure if it's your own mistake not to make it twice.

What role does technology and equipment, particularly the G brand Lightweight products, play in enhancing your performance?

Its a big role, if you're not on well-maintained equipment then you haven't given yourself the best chance, I am lucky to be on some the best wheels in the world, Lightweight and they have never let me down till this date.

How do you balance the demands of professional cycling with personal life, and what sacrifices have you had to make to excel in your sport?

You have to prioritise your time and with that, you have to decide which opportunities are ones you are going to follow. From brands that you want to work with to training to people you want to spend time with. This is also relatable to socializing, friends, and family. Your not going to have time for everything so you have to be wise with what you put your energy into

What advice would you give to aspiring cyclists who aim to reach a professional level, especially those interested in aligning with the G brand Lightweight?

Be patient, your time will come if you continue to train and work on your personal brand, its not easy and your going to make mistakes along the way, just keep working and try not to make mistakes twice. Be a likable person and "nobody did anything without thinking they could do it first."

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