Daniel Sanz

Spanish Rider and Cycling Lover.

Daniel Sanz is a very enthusiastic spanish cyclist who loves to take his roadbike with our MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER rim break wheels around the world! Daniel is known for his astonishing and breathtaking photos with spectacular views in the mountains. We look forward to his upcoming projects!

„Whoever brakes does not win.“

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Daniel Sanz



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Road Cycling

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Ride in some events

Now he’s part of our family as well, and we’re proud to present a short interview with him from July 2022:

How did you find out about Lightweight?

Daniel Sanz: „When I was watching Lance Armstrong on TV in the Tour de France and I saw that he used them in some mountain stages.“

What attracts you to Lightweight?

Daniel Sanz: „The Lightweight, the one-piece construction of the wheels and obviously the design.“

What was your first impression of Lightweight wheels? How did they feel to ride on?

Daniel Sanz: „The ease with which they roll on the road, the reactivity they have. The best thing is to try them, you will notice something you have never noticed before with other wheels.“

Which Lightweight wheels are you using at the moment?

Daniel Sanz: „Lightweight MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER“

What are your next major goals and projects for 2022/2023 with Lightweight?

Daniel Sanz: „Continue to go to as many events as I can and climb new mountains with my lightweight around the world.“

What is your favourite quote?

Daniel Sanz: „Whoever brakes does not win.“


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