Bastian Marks

German cyclist

Interview with Bastian Marks:


What inspired you to pursue a career in cycling, and how did you become associated with the G brand Lightweight?

I wanted to loose weight as a teenager and then fell into the rabbithole. I admired Lance and Ulle on their Lightweight equipped machines.

Can you share a memorable experience or race that significantly impacted your cycling career?

I connect so many memories of my life with the places i cycled through. its impossible to name a single one. My life is more or less a ride.

How do you prepare mentally and physically for a race, and are there specific rituals or routines you follow?

I like to do a pre acivation on race day being sober and then eat exactly afterwards. All that about 2 or 3 hours before the start. Thats my routine.

As an athlete, how do you handle setbacks or challenges, both in training and during competitions?

I try to imagine these scenarios beforehand to be ready the hard situations and already have a solution in mind. If i cannot make it, it was simply too hard at that point and i have to develope further.

What role does technology and equipment, particularly the G brand Lightweight products, play in enhancing your performance?

To be honest i'm spoiled. Equipment has always been important for me as well as fitting and bikeposition and i always strive to have the best technology possible especially for days, when i want to go fast.

How do you balance the demands of professional cycling with personal life, and what sacrifices have you had to make to excel in your sport?

Back in the days when i still wanted to become a professional, i did crazy diets. Today i'm luckily old enough to be myself and a healthy lifestyle is simply normal for me. I also managed to have a job in which i can fit in the hours of training quite easily. I know the is a complete privilege and i appreciate that a lot.

What advice would you give to aspiring cyclists who aim to reach a professional level, especially those interested in aligning with the G brand Lightweight?

I'm in the position where i actually give advice to young cyclists. The main thing for me is to give yourself time to experience if cycling in the competion with the best athletes in your age category feels good and normal for you before you beginn to work on every detail of performance. If that turns out to be natural for you and becomes your passion, go all in and chase your goal, but take advice from people with experience regularly. Try to find people you can trust and then trust the process.

Let us know your day-2-day Lightweight wheel model

For me its OBERMAYER!

What else we need to know?

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