Lightweight Schwarz ED

The best in black

The exclusive option that takes your Lightweight wheel to a new level

What once started with a lot of work in a garage soon became a phenomenon for the professional bicycle world. Lightweight's carbon wheels took the roads by storm and were significantly improved with each new generation. It is not only thanks to the vision and knowledge, but also the dedication of the many people at Lightweight that every bike has become an icon in its field. But how do you improve something that is already nearly perfect?

Premium brands meet

The Lightweight Black ED wheel brings you one step closer to success. We have added an additional innovative component to all wheels of our Schwarz ED: Ball bearings from the brand CeramicSpeed. No matter if you are a professional or an amateur, this wheel gives you wings. On a long distance (e.g. Ironman) you can save up to 9 minutes of time. Decisive minutes between success and defeat. As an athlete, you benefit not only from the significantly greater durability of CeramicSpeed bearings. They also increase your performance. The low rolling resistance makes it easier to reach your goal, increases your speed and makes you more effective. Speed and fun in a perfect combination.

Just like Lightweight, CeramicSpeed follows the same philosophy: the use of the best available materials, years of experience in the bicycle industry and high-quality handmade production. This makes the CeramicSpeed ball bearings a product of the highest professional level.


The features of the Lightweight Black ED at a glance

With the Black ED, all logos and lettering on the rim are black. For all fans of understatement and cool elegance, the Schwarz ED is the right choice. Each wheel is also equipped with handmade CeramicSpeed ball bearings. So the black beauty becomes even faster and more exclusive!

The Schwarz ED is available for the following Lightweight wheel sets:

Every Lightweight wheelset is carefully handmade in Germany. This can lead to slight variations in surface structure and colour. This is a characteristic quality feature of this particularly high-quality production method. Lightweight stands for high-end quality Made in Germany.

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