Lightweight CPO program for used wheels

Finally back online!

In our online store you can finally find our popular CPO wheels again! CPO stands for Certified Pre-Owned and gives buyers of used Lightweight wheels absolute security and peace of mind. As part of a careful selection process, eligible wheels are first selected and carefully inspected.

Usually these are wheels that have been on display and have never been ridden on the road, test wheels or carbon rims that have been purchased from us under crash replacement or wheel protection regulations.

Our qualified Service Center team prepares the wheels after the successful selection process for resale and performs a thorough check-up. Depending on the requirements, the bearings are replaced, brake tracks are renewed, the wheels are freshly centered, the freehub service is carried out or even a new sticker is applied.

A one-year warranty applies to all CPO wheels from the date of purchase. Further information is available here.

all our cpo wheels are carefully checked and prepared for the second round in our service center. EQUIPPED WITH A REPAIR CERTIFICATE AND A WARRANTY FOR ONE YEAR, THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY TO YOU.