Carbon artists among themselves, creating the masterpiece

Exclusive and incomparable: a vision that has come true, showing what is possible when boundaries are not seen as absolute.

The BMC Masterpiece in combination with the Lightweight MEILENSTEIN EVO wheels not only looks breathtakingly beautiful, but also convinces with best values.

Every single Masterpiece module is made and brought to life by the best carbon artists in the world, some of them still by hand.

Masterpiece - Perfection and attention to detail

This unparalleled accuracy is reflected in the fact that each Masterpiece frame is already perfectly formed. With a flawless surface and beautifully shaped tube connections. The individualised production is extremely time-consuming and the number of pieces is very small. That is why these bikes are very exclusive.

The DNA of the Masterpiece frame comes from the BMC Roadmachine. A road bike that can really do everything and knows no compromise in terms of performance, efficiency or ride comfort.

Art on the bike

A masterpiece is never a status symbol. It is a work of art. Because every Masterpiece is more than a perfect bike. It is a unique combination of the highest craftsmanship and absolute top technology.

Three ways to your Masterpiece

  • Visits to the BMC headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland. In a VIP tour, an individual bike fitting awaits you.
  • Visit one of the Masterpiece Showrooms at selected dealers.  
  • Visit one of our authorised BMC shops.

You can find more information about BMC Masterpiece here.

The MEILENSTEIN EVO is a perfect match for the Masterpiece frame because of its unique precision, unparalleled propulsion and breathtaking control.

The MEILENSTEIN EVO at a glance:

  • A new layer structure for increased power transmission to the road
  • Tubeless for significantly improved rolling properties
  • A technological highlight is the use of special highly modular CFRP fibres, which further increase the already breathtaking acceleration values and braking precision.
  • Significantly improved comfort without sacrificing extraordinary stiffness.
  • Unique precision, unrivalled propulsion and breathtaking control

The MEILENSTEIN EVO can be configured here.