Extended warranty for disc-braked wheels

Lightweight offers a free extended warranty for all disc-braked wheels purchased after 01 July2020.

Lightweight has revised its warranty conditions and improved them again from the customer's point of view. The Friedrichshafen-based manufacturer of high-quality carbon wheels for racing bikes now offers a warranty of up to five years from the date of purchase in addition to the legal warranty from the dealer.

The manufacturer's warranty begins on the day after the legal warranty expires and ends five years after the day of purchase of the Lightweight wheel. The manufacturer's warranty is limited exclusively to the initial purchase and is not transferable.

The extended manufacturer's warranty applies retroactively to all disc-braked Lightweight wheels purchased after July 01, 2020. The extended warranty does not cover damage resulting from normal wear and tear, accidents, improper modifications, negligence or improper handling and use, nor does it cover wearing parts such as the ball bearings.

"We are convinced of the quality of our Made in Germany wheels and would like to emphasize this promise of quality by extending the warranty", says Christoph Sawitzki, Head of Sales & Marketing. "But the extended manufacturer's warranty is also a clear signal to our dealers, because the extended manufacturer's warranty is of course always in addition to the statutory warranty", Sawitzki continues.

Further information can be found here.