Automatically produced high-end carbon wheels

Ingenious idea and clever construction

In the production of high-quality wheels, craftsmanship is combined with mechanical work steps. After intensive research and development Lightweight achieved another breakthrough in rim production. The carbon spokes of the front and rear wheel are still glued to the rim by hand from the outside. The rim ring itself, however, is produced with a special machine. The rim height of WEGWEISER is 36 mm, the rim width 24 mm. Overall, the WEGWEISER EVO shines with a weight of 1450 grams and the tubeless technology. The directly connected carbon fibre spokes achieve a braking precision that is not comparable. In addition, the innovative Pentagon hub system increases safety when braking, especially on long descents. The installed DT-Swiss hub enables a quick change to various axle standards. All of this makes the WEGWEISER EVO a comfort-oriented, disc-compatible system wheel with very low maintenance requirements.

Your favourite wheel


What originally began as an experiment quickly became a spearhead product due to many clever ideas and clever construction. WEGWEISER EVO goes one step further, because the use of high modular CFRP fibers in combination with tubeless technology not only provides improved acceleration, even more precise handling and breathtaking brake control, but also more comfort during the ride. In difficult conditions such as rain and wind, the low rim height is a decisive advantage because it reduces crosswind sensitivity and improves handling. The low rotating mass guarantees maximum smoothness with lower energy consumption and the integrated innovative Pentagon hub prevents dangerous overheating when the brakes are under heavy strain.

The full carbon wheels from Lightweight WEGWEISER EVO at a glance

  • Novel spoke connection for high tensile load of the spokes
  • New evolutionary stage in the production of Lightweight wheels, as part of the production is combined with manual and mechanical work steps
  • Extremely precise with low tolerances
  • Best suited for allround, training, competition and endurance
  • The WEGWEISER EVO is UCI-compliant (complies with the applicable UCI rules)


Available in the following versions

  • Carbon-Tubeless wheelset
  • Disc Brake (Disc)
  • rim width 24 mm
  • Front wheel with 20 full carbon spokes
  • rear wheel with 20 full carbon spokes
  • easily replaceable rotor for Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM
  • The SchwarzED (Black Edition) offers additional - simple clarity through understatement: spokes, rim and logos in black, greater durability and lower rolling resistance through CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings

Every Lightweight wheelset is carefully handmade in Germany. This can lead to slight variations in surface structure and colour. This is a characteristic quality feature of this particularly high-quality production method. Lightweight stands for high-end quality Made in Germany.



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