Generation EVO

The evolution of speed - redefined

The next stage - the latest generation of Lightweight Carbon wheels

What once started with a lot of work in a garage soon became a phenomenon for the professional cycling. Lightweight's carbon wheels took the roads by storm and were significantly improved with each new generation. Every wheel became an icon in its own respective area and that is not only thanks to the vision and knowledge of the workers at Lightweight, but also their dedication. But how do you improve something that is already nearly perfect?

Features Generation EVO wheels

A new layup, the integration of tubeless technology and the use of special CFRP fibers make the new generation EVO not only more stable, durable and efficient, but also more versatile. For the rider, this means even more efficient power transmission, excellent handling, improved rolling characteristics, more precise and safe braking performance and, above all, more speed. Despite the tremendous stiffness, the comfort factor has also been increased - making long rides even more efficient.

At a glance:

  • New layup, for more comfort, with high stiffness
  • Tubeless technology for improved rolling properties
  • Disc brake / disc wheels for precise and safe braking performance


The Lightweight MEILENSTEIN wheel with its full carbon spokes is the classic at Lightweight. Developed from the beginning for all-round use, this wheel still proves its ingenious versatility every day. The MEILENSTEIN EVO scores with all the features of its predecessor and goes one step further, because of its robust construction it is now approved for Gravel. State-of-the-art high-modulus carbon fibers combined with tubeless technology provide razor-sharp control, unparalleled braking precision and maximum propulsion. And best of all, it's even more comfortable to ride than ever before. The MEILENSTEIN EVO is compatible with all common shifting systems and thanks to the DT-Swiss hub it can be used on almost all axle standards. If you want to take your road bike performance to the next level, this wheelset is the right choice.


Lightweight FERNWEG EVO 63

The FERNWEG EVO 63 is especially designed for light riders and women who want to master triathlon and time trial races or are looking for a companion who won't let them down even when they are riding through the mountains. Thanks to the redesigned carbon layer structure in combination with tubeless technology and disc brakes, exceptional rolling characteristics and unparalleled braking precision are achieved. The use of highly modular CFRP fibers increases the tensile load on the spokes and the wheel becomes even stiffer than ever before. The stiffness and weight ratio is unique among high-profile wheels and the aerodynamically optimized rim design makes crosswinds more and more a supporting actor. FERNWEG EVO 63 is not only particularly powerful and stiff, but also offers increased comfort during the ride.


Lightweight FERNWEG EVO 85

FERNWEG mainly achieved its reputation in the triathlon and time trial sector. FERNWEG EVO 85 is not only an advancement but strikes out in a new direction in certain aspects. Combining a new layup with tubeless technology guarantees exceptional rolling characteristics. The application of highly modular CFRP fibres increases the tensile load of the spokes which results in outstanding acceleration values and unrivalled braking precision, particularly in bad weather conditions. The stiffness to weight ratio is unique among high profile wheels and thanks to an aerodynamically optimised rim design, side wind problems are a thing of the past. FERNWEG EVO 85 is not only more powerful and and stiffer than its predecessor but also offers more comfort during the ride.


Every Lightweight wheelset is carefully handmade in Germany. This can lead to slight variations in surface structure and colour. This is a characteristic quality feature of this particularly high-quality production method. Lightweight stands for high-end quality Made in Germany.

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