A road bike is more than just a road bike

It is pure emotion - it is our passion

Exciting, dynamic, low weight state-of-the-art components

Converting every step on the pedals directly into propulsion - that is pure happiness on two wheels. The Lightweight brand stands for outstanding quality, performance and innovative products. That's why we are constantly setting new standards in the world of cycling with our Lightweight product portfolio. Our carbon wheels, carbon frames and carbon components are not only uniquely light, but also incredibly stiff. That's why they are also the first choice for so many cyclists worldwide when it comes to covering endless kilometres in the handlebar drops, conquering mountain passes or experiencing the pure speed on a downhill run through endless flowing bends.

Football is a game, cycling is sport.

Erik Zabel

Former German racing cyclist

Our pride and joy - a wheel only made of carbon

For us there is nothing more beautiful than a Lightweight wheelset made of full carbon. But what does full carbon mean anyway? Not only the rim itself is made of carbon, no, even the laminated spokes are made of carbon and thus provide an extremely high stiffness and thus a brilliant propulsion. This is only possible because the unique geometry brings the power flow without losses in a straight line over the axle onto the road and the wheels hardly twist at all. So every watt of power is converted into propulsion.

No wheel in the world accelerates like a lightweight. This propulsion is enjoyed by amateur athletes and Pro cyclists alike. The exceptionally high stiffness of our carbon wheels transforms the handling of a road bike, making it light, agile and easy to control. Of course, Pro cyclists all want to ride with the best possible equipment, which is why when you see Lightweight wheels in the peloton, you know they are the riders choice.

Cyclocross, race, triathlon or velodrome - which is the right wheel?

Lightweight offers you wheel sets for a classic road bike, aero model, track bike, triathlon or time trial bike. Ride like the pros at the Tour de France or have fun together with friends: The feeling of freedom, the rush of speed, the burning sensation in your thighs, the sweat - all this unites professional and hobby athletes. The lightweight range has rims to suit the "specialist" in their field, or for those looking for a real jack-of-all-trades. The MEILENSTEIN, the MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER, as well as the WEGWEISER have their strengths as all-rounders. They can be used in high mountains, training or competition. The RUNDKURS belongs on the track oval. With GIPFELSTURM you conquer every high mountain range and with AUTOBAHN and FERNWEG you master every triathlon and time trial. Depending on your goals, we have the right Carbon Clincher wheelset, Tubular wheelset or with the generation EVO the right tubeless wheelset for you. Depending on the model, the wheels are available with rim brakes or/and disc brakes.

A short overview of our wheels:


High mountains, training or competition

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High mountains, training or competition

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High mountains, training or competition

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High mountains, training or competition

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Track wheel

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High mountains, light athletes   


AERO bike, triathlon, time trial (TT)   

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AERO bike, triathlon, time trial (TT)

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AERO bike, triathlon, time trial (TT)

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Your Lightweight Bike

Lightweight inspires you and you want more? Then put together your individual Lightweight Bike. Besides the wheels, you can also get the matching road bike frame, various components and accessories in our online shop. Have a look and get the latest Lightweight products at home. Inspired? Take a look:


Carbon or aluminium?

Carbon is the absolute premium class in the bike industry. Carbon is the ideal material, especially for road bikes, where attempts are made to reduce every superfluous gram of weight. Carbon is extremely light and at the same time extremely stiff. But not all carbon is equal. It depends on the processing and the right carbon fibre. With high quality workmanship, carbon is stiffer and yet more comfortable than aluminium. Vibrations can be absorbed by the material, increasing the ride comfort. Thanks to these characteristics, carbon is the ultimate in road bike materials. If you love long endurance tours with your road bike, short sporty club runs, or races, a carbon road bike is just the right thing for you!

Carbon wheels are significantly stiffer than aluminium wheels. This is especially noticeable during sprints or on twisty tracks. With our wheels, you feel how every step is converted into propulsion and speed when you start out or sprint. In curves the high stiffness is especially beneficial for precision, which makes precise steering easier. Thanks to the powerful sprint behaviour, you also get out of corners faster than with aluminium rims.

Compared to carbon, aluminium is more robust in terms of incorrect torques and crashes. Here, it is essential to maintain appropriate pressure values when clamping in order not to damage the material. Carbon rim brake wheels can sometimes brake worse than wheels with an aluminium brake track, especially in wet conditions. Here you have to brake accordingly to avoid damaging the material, but with a little practice this can be done without problems. Applying a light amount of pressure to remove the   water on the brake surface, then more pressure to reduce your speed. At lightweight we've collaborated with Swiss Stop to produce a specialist compound of rim brake pads, specific to our wheels. Using these brake pads on our carbon braking surface ensures you the best possible braking performance. If you are  still unsure, you can get most our wheels with disc brakes.


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