Stylish, high-quality and sustainable fashion for racing bike enthusiasts

There is more behind the name EDELSTOFF than just exquisite material: The feedback of several test riders who have completed tens of thousands of kilometres, a new cut for the ideal racing bike position and less friction points and in addition a stylish, simple look that perfectly matches the Lightweight wheels.

Our world is a cycle.  
We understand that performance is the precursor of achievement.

The EDELSTOFF collection has the following functions

Coldblack® against solar heat

Of course we have taken care that our pure polyester functional fabrics do not heat up under the bright sun and have equipped them with Coldblack® technology. This reduces the absorption of the sun's rays and thus the heating of the textile. The fabrics also have a UV light protection factor of 50+.

Race Cut for the right fit

All cuts are adjusted to the position on the bike in the seam lines and cut piece adjustment in order to avoid unnecessary fabric and to avoid friction surfaces. Thus the front panels are shorter than the back panels and the shoulders are cut much wider than the chest line. To avoid friction surfaces we have curved the side seams from the front to the back, the collars are seamlessly attached, the sleeves are cut into the classic sporty raglan shape with a twist in the front.

Merino wool for natural function

Our collection is a summer collection. This means that only very light and air-permeable fabrics are used. This also includes our Merino wool & polyester mesh fabric. Merino wool is a natural, self-renewing raw material, which provides an antibacterial finish in a natural way and neutralises the body's own odours to a certain extent without chemical additives. It regulates the body temperature and conducts moisture very quickly to the outside. Since the fabric is very light and coarse-meshed, UV protection is unfortunately not provided here. We therefore advise you to apply sunscreen to your upper body and all other free parts of your body before you set off on your journey. Of course, we have had this fabric tested at the Hohenstein Institute for the buffering effect of liquid sweat, sweat transport and absorption, the thermal insulation of the damp textile and the drying time, as well as the resistance to water vapour transmission.

Three-layer fabric for the downhill run

Our Air-Vest consists of an extremely light (approx. 88 g/m2) three-layer laminate in the front part, at the access slits, as well as in the shoulder and chest area - this is 100% waterproof and windproof, as well as optimally breathable. In addition, the entire functional material has a water column of 20,000 mm, a resistance to water vapour permeability of <10 m2Pa/W and an abrasion resistance of  >60,000 cycles.

Sanitized® finishing for care

Sanitized®-Finishing ensures that our jersey has an antibacterial and odour-neutralising effect in the polyester sections.

Interpower®-Finishing against heat

The Interpower® finishing used on our jerseys keeps you cool and dry.

Seat padding for comfort

Our trousers have seat pads with a black upper fabric and a perforated underside for improved air circulation. The seat cushions are divided into three different layers of 60-120 kg/m3, which are fixed by seams. They can be used optimally for long distances of up to six hours.

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What does sustainability actually look like?

  • For our After-Bike-Wear collection we use recycled polyester, organic cotton or a combination with Lyocell, which is dissolved from eucalyptus without chemical modification and an extremely low water consumption.
  • For our bike wear, all pure polyester or polyamide functional fabrics are bluesign® certified. This guarantees the exclusion of environmentally harmful substances from the entire manufacturing process, sets guidelines and controls compliance with environmentally friendly and safe production.
  • The three-layer fabric used is not only equipped with an excellent membrane that protects against all possible influences, it is also environmentally friendly and manufactured accordingly. With the topping of the Bionic® finish, it also has its roots in nature and provides particularly repellent properties against water, dirt and even oil.
  • As a special highlight, we have integrated merino wool into our mesh fabric. Merino wool is a natural, self-renewing raw material that is produced using a particularly environmentally friendly extraction process.
  • The processing to the final product takes place 100% in Portugal. This ensures that, in addition to short transport routes, better control, short reaction times and complete transparency of the production chain in accordance with EU work regulations and EU safety guidelines can be guaranteed.
  • To underline the commitment to the environment and economic efficiency, the final quality control, the production of all paper and cardboard products as well as packaging, storage and dispatch are carried out in the beautiful south of Germany. This ensures short transport routes, control and above all efficiency.
  • As we do not believe in overproduction, we always produce in small quantities. Unfortunately, this credo of our production can sometimes lead to your selected product being out of stock. However, we do our best to meet your wishes as soon as possible