PFADFINDER EVO – Lightweight’s new gravel wheel

Usual precision, usual performance – but now with more riding comfort

For off-road trips, Lightweight has further developed WEGWEISER EVO to ensure improved riding comfort on gravel. The result is the new PFADFINDER EVO.

PFADFINDER EVO is based on the technology and characteristics of our WEGWEISER EVO wheel. It can now be ridden with tires with a width of up to 40mm and is consequently more suitable for gravel. The optimized layup maintains the familiar precision and performance, but in combination with wider tires, the riding comfort increases significantly. PFADFINDER EVO is compatible with current groupsets and enables changes to various axle systems without tools, thanks to the DT-Swiss hub.

The essential features of PFADFINDER EVO are:

  • Gravel disc wheel set (cleared for tire width of up to 40 mm)
  • Optimized layup makes for significantly higher robustness
  • Use of special high modulus CFRP fibres
  • Tubeless technology

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