Lawrence Naesen

Pro cyclist

Interview with Lawrence Naesen:

What inspired you to pursue a career in cycling, and how did you become associated with the G brand Lightweight?

I loved watching cycling when i was young and my brother and i had this little ‘game’ of identifying racing equipment and gear, always over the moon when we saw a pair of Lightweight wheels on our tv screen and the first guy to spot some won!
I started cycling in 2013 when i was studying in university, having loads of free time after school and decided it was time to get myself a bike and start cycling for fun.

Quickly after, in 2016 i signed my first pro contract!

Can you share a memorable experience or race that significantly impacted your cycling career?

All the awesome racers and brands i met during my career have a special place in my head.

How do you prepare mentally and physically for a race, and are there specific rituals or routines you follow?

I don’t really have rituals! I just try to train hard, recover hard and try to enjoy along the way. Having fun while training and racing is my way to succes!

As an athlete, how do you handle setbacks or challenges, both in training and during competitions?

I can focus to a new goal pretty quickly. Stay motivated, stay hungry to always keep growing.

What role does technology and equipment, particularly the G brand Lightweight products, play in enhancing your performance?

Having ridden so much different tech in my life, i know what i want now: The stiffest, fastest and lightest wheels + last but definitely not least.. the most epic wheelset on the planet.
Knowing i have these awesome wheels in my bike gives me a mental boost to always keep going.

How do you balance the demands of professional cycling with personal life, and what sacrifices have you had to make to excel in your sport?

Luckily i have a family and girlfriend that support me in good and bad times. Very important to get through everything as so much stuff happens in the life of an athlete. Having a partner that has your back and helps in every way possible is the key to succes.

What advice would you give to aspiring cyclists who aim to reach a professional level, especially those interested in aligning with the G brand Lightweight?

Enjoy every ride! Having fun is the key to a succesfull athletic career!

Let us know your day-2-day Lightweight wheel model

FERNWEG on the road & PFADFINDER EVO on the gravelbike!

What else we need to know?

That i’m excited to race on Lightweights!