Chris Tonge

The man for Fixie, Gravel and Road adventures!

Chris Tonge has come to us in 2017 with his unique idea of doing a Tour de France on a Fixie to raise funds for Cancer Research. – Of course we couldn’t say no to this project! That’s why we have supported him with a custom set of Rundkurs. Now, we are proud to have such a reliable partner on our side who is always strives for new projects on gravel. His last video documentary about the gravel race Badlands has been successful and showed his passion for racing!

"Focus on how far you've come, rather than how far you have left to go."

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Chris Tonge



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Fixie, Gravel and Track

Biggest successes:

Tour de France 2017 on a fixie to raise money for Cancer Research

Now he’s part of our family as well, and we’re proud to present a short interview with him from April 2022:

How did you find out about Lightweight?

Chris: „I can still vividly remember watching the World Championship Road Race in Lugano with some friends in 1996 on a rainy Sunday in Edinburgh. It was an amazing race and to see one of my cycling idols win it made it even better. All of us in that room that day made comments about Johan Museeuw's wheels and from that moment on they were always on my radar and wishlist.“

What attracts you to Lightweight?

Chris: „Craftsmanship and excellence. Everything they make comes through a dedicated process of design and development which translates into a very, very special product. The ride is truly unique... stiff, aero, light and so precise.“

What was your first impression of Lightweight wheels? How did they feel to ride on?

Chris: „Just WOW! I first rode a set of Tubular RUNDKURS on my fixie back in 2016 and it literally transformed the bike and ride. Out of this world. Plus they gave me an unrivaled reliability and confidence which I had never had with a set of wheels on the fixie. They were game changing!! They opened up new opportunities to longer ultra-distance challenges on the fixie.“

Which Lightweight wheels are you using at the moment?


What are your next major goals and projects for 2022/2023 with Lightweight?

Chris: „This year I face one of my biggest challenges yet... to get back on two feet and walking again after breaking the neck of my femur back in December, whilst riding off road on my gravel bike. This year I really hope to be able to regain the strength and fitness so I can continue enjoying and sharing the sport I love. Watch this space... „

How did you find the Baja Divide adventure in Mexico on our Lightweight wheels?

Chris: „Focus on how far you've come, rather than how far you have left to go.“


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