Brennan Wertz

The rising star

From U-23 rowing world champion to road cycling pro? He’s not afraid of any challenge and loves cycling more than anyone else. Racing is his passion, so it's no surprise to find him at hill climbing events, road bike races, or even gravel races. Brennan is an exceptional athlete with a bright future in cycling. We’re extremely happy that he’s using our Lightweight wheels on his Pinarello.

“There are no sacrifices, only choices.”

Hard Facts:


Brennan Wertz


6’5” (196cm)

Date of birth: 


Place of birth: 

Santa Rosa, California, USA

Lives in: 

Sausalito, California, USA


Gravel and road cycling

Biggest successes:

2022: 2nd place Low Gap Hopper

1st place Miami Gravel

4th place The Rock Cobbler

1st place Huffmaster Hopper

1st place Shasta Gravel Hugger

4th place Midsouth Gravel

1st place King Ridge Hopper

2021: Top 10 at all gravel events attended (Unbound, BWR, SBT GRVL, Grasshopper)

• 2nd overall in the Belgian Waffle Ride Tripel Crown gravel competition

• 2nd and 5th at US Elite Road National Championships (TT and Road Race respectively)

2018: 1st place World Rowing U23 Championship

2016: 3rd place World Rowing U23 Championship

Now he’s part of our family as well, and we’re proud to present a short interview with him from June 2022:

How did you find out about Lightweight?

Brennan: “I had seen Lightweight wheels on bikes a few times previously, but as I began working at Above Category about a year and a half ago, I quickly became more intrigued by the wheels. As I spent more time in the shop, I was able to see more of the models and learn more about the Lightweight product range. Through my relationship with Above Category, I was further introduced to this iconic brand and had the opportunity to try out the wheels for the first time.”

What attracts you to Lightweight?

Brennan: “The performance of the wheels is certainly what attracts me most. The wheels have a remarkably stiff characteristic that makes for a lively and exhilarating ride. In addition to the undeniable performance benefits the Lightweight wheels provide, they are also aesthetically unlike any other wheels on the market. Although as a professional rider the performance of my equipment is always the main priority, I also have an eye for aesthetics. The Lightweight wheels check all the important boxes for me, combining both high performance and striking aesthetics.”

What was your first impression of Lightweight wheels? How did they feel when riding?

Brennan: “When I first had the opportunity to ride a set of Lightweight wheels last year, I was instantly astounded by how sharp and responsive they felt. The second I took my first pedal stroke, I could feel the bike lurch forward effortlessly. The stiffness and stability the wheels provide is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Earlier this season, about a week after I received my new Pinarello Dogma F12 with the MEILENSTEIN EVO Schwarz Edition wheels, I had the opportunity to ride down the California coast from San Francisco to San Diego. This so-called ‘Coast Ride’ was a perfect opportunity to become closely aquatinted with these incredible wheels. I rode 1000km in five days, over varied terrain. We encountered steep and sustained climbs, powerful coastal crosswinds, endless rollers, and miles of sinuous descents. After this ride down the coast, I was convinced this setup was perfect for all around road riding. Since then, I have put thousands of additional kilometres on my various Lightweight wheelsets and continue to be impressed by their handling and acceleration.”

Which Lightweight wheels are you using at the moment?

Brennan: “I am currently riding the MEILENSTEIN EVO Schwarz Edition, the OBERMAYER EVO Schwarz Edition, and the FERNWEG EVO 63mm Schwarz Edition.”

What are your next major goals and projects for 2022/2023 with Lightweight?

Brennan: “My next major goal with Lightweight is the Above Category OSTT (Officially Serious Time Trial) in Marin County at the end of June. This event will feature a ~20 minute all-out effort up a sustained climb. For this event I will be riding the OBERMAYER EVO Schwarz Edition wheelset due to their weight savings and stiffness as I accelerate out of the many switchbacks during the climb.

After the OSTT, I will continue to do all of my road training on my Lightweight wheels. Later in the summer I will be spending some time training in the Dolomites and attending the legendary Gran Fondo Pinarello. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to ride the iconic Italian mountain roads on my reliable and lithe Lightweights.”

What is your favourite quote?

Brennan: “There are no sacrifices, only choices.”