Your thighs are burning, every gasp is like fire, but you keep pushing and the rush lets you master the journey ahead. Our bib shorts are the link between you and the road. Simply put, they allow you to become one with your bike.


1. Features & technical data

  • Race-cut = an aerodynamic cut for perfect anatomical racing bike position
    • Shorter front than back
    • Seams shifted to middle front and back
    • Double layer cuff at waist
  • Wide elastic braces with merino/polyester mesh on the back
  • Polyamide fabric in the crotch area with high abrasion resistance abilities and a UV factor of 50+
  • Hem with height elastic band featuring Lightweight silicon logo inside
  • Tone-on-tone black EDELSTOFF prints on the leg sides
  • Black reflective prints on the rear of upper leg for better visibility and safety
  • Elastic Interface® men's pad with black outer fabric and perforated bottom layer for optimized breathability. The pad is a triple-layer construction with different densities to deal with loads from 60 to 120 kg/m³, bonded with seams. Perfect for short and longer rides of up to six hours and more.
  • Weight (size: medium): 180.8 g

2. Fabrics & sustainability

  • The upper back part is made of a mesh fabric that consists of a blend of merino wool and polyester. Merino is a renewable fabric that comes with natural antibacterial finishing. It even neutralizes odour without any chemical additives, regulates body temperature and transports humidity to the outside of the fabric.
  • Our cycling pads come with a surface fabric that consists of a two-layer channel structure. The channels within the top layer help collect and canalize moisture, forcing it down to the second layer which expels it. The outer fabric features an antibacterial finishing and dries very quickly. The pad itself has three different layers: The first is made of a three millimetre thick perforated foam that regulates moisture transport and can easily perform with loads up to 60kg/m3. The next layer consists of breathable polyurethane foam with a 80kg/m3 load capacity. The third layer at the back can take up to 120kg/m3, making the padding perfect for both short and long rides. We don't weld, we seam – this significantly reduces friction (points) and improves stability on the saddle. Of course we place great value on sustainability – our cycling pads are produced in Italy and are fully bluesign® and Oeko-Tex® certified.
  • The crotch area is made of abrasion-resistant polyamide fabric with Coldblack® technology which keeps black fabrics cool, even in direct sunlight. This fabric is also bluesign® certified which not only excludes the use of any polluting substances from the whole production process, it also defines guidelines and monitors compliance with an eco-friendly and safe manufacture. This fabric is manufactured in Italy.
  • The front waistband is made of very thin and light polyester and elastane. This fabric is bluesign® certified and comes packed with features like Sanitized®-finishing (an antibacterial and odour-neutralizing feature) and Interpower®-finishing (keeps you cool and dry).
  • The assembly is carried out in Portugal. This way we can keep transport routes short and guarantee that the manufacturer and the assembler adhere to all EU work and safety regulations.
  • At least 50% of the energy used for production in Portugal is generated from renewable resources.
  • Packaging, storage, shipping and quality control are all carried out directly by the Edelstoff Design Team at the Lightweight headquarter in Friedrichshafen/Germany.

3. Wash & care instructions

  • Machine wash warm at 30°C with same or similar colours
    • The provided washing bag protects the garment from pointy objects during the wash cycle
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Wash inside out