WHEELPROTECTION & registration

Make sure you get your warranty for your wheels.


In case of loss or damage we will do everything to be of your assistance. In order to be able to do that, please register your product with us! All you need is the unique 10 digit chip number of your product.


Your wheels can quickly sustain damage, particularly during races, which no insurance policy will cover.
Take advantage of our warranty for Lightweight wheels!

Lightweight WHEELPROTECTION covers your wheels against damage for just an extra EUR 225 per wheel, provided you register within five days of purchase from a dealer in your country of residence. WHEELPROTECTION is only available once you have made full payment (e.g. by credit card or bank transfer) and agreed to the WHEELPROTECTION conditions.

WHEELPROTECTION offers you extended warranties and the option of immediate replacement or free-of-charge repair.In the event of an irreparable damage we offer immediate replacement at a special discount price of only € 200,- per wheel.

The term of the WHEELPROTECTION guarantee is three years from the date of order (plus processing time). You will automatically be registered when you apply for Lightweight WHEELPROTECTION.

*including VAT, as applicable in Germany.

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