When spring and autumn reveal their cold side the body needs to be wrapped in a warm mesh. This mesh shirt keeps the skin dry and warm thanks to its special design.


1. Features & technical data

  • Race-cut = an aerodynamic cut for perfect anatomical racing bike position.
    • Shoulder seams shifted to back part.
    • Flatlock side seams oscillated and shifted to back part for perfect fit and minimized friction points.
    • Wide neckline and sleeve loopholes with fine elastic edging.
  • Triple stitched seam.
  • Discreet labelling – sizing label shifted to the outside, care instructions bound to the inside with single seaming – easy to remove after reading
  • Lightweight logo patch in the centre at the front.

2. Fabrics & sustainability

  • Our mesh fabric consists of merino wool and polyester that features perfect ventilation despite tight interweaving.
    Merino is a renewable fabric that comes with a natural antibacterial finishing. It even neutralizes odour without any chemical additives, regulates the body temperature and transports humidity to the outside of the fabric.
  • The assembly is carried out in Portugal. This way we can keep transport routes short and guarantee that manufacturer and assembler adhere to all EU work and safety regulations.
  • At least 50% of the energy used for production in Portugal is generated from renewable resources.
  • Packaging, storage, shipping and quality control are all carried out directly at the Lightweight headquarters in Friedrichshafen/Germany.

3. Wash & care instructions

  • Machine wash warm at 30°C with same or similar colours
    • The laundry bag provided protects the garment from getting damaged by pointy objects in the wash
    • Merino is a natural fibre and will therefore shrink to some extent. However, we have succeeded in limiting shrinkage so it only affects the length of the garment
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Wash inside ou