1. Idea

Milestones have been marked, summits reached, distant roads travelled and primal archetypes mastered. It is now time to unfold elegant fabric.

It took years of experimenting with different fibres, new cuts and combinations, as well as implementing feedback from several test riders, who covered thousands of kilometres.

EDELSTOFF represents the final piece in the pursuit of dominance on and off the bike.

2. Design








[ɡlant͜s ˈdaːmə]





3. Sustainability & fairness

  • For our After-Bike-Wear collection we only use recycled Polyester or organic cotton in combination with Lyocell (a fabric from Eucalyptus wood, extracted without any chemical modifications and dissolved with a considerable low amount of water).
  • Made in Portugal. 100% of the fabrics are produced at a family enterprise in Portugal. This way we can guarantee both, short transport routes as well as EU working- and safety-rights which are abided by the manufacturer and the assembler.
  • All of our packaging materials are made in Germany where our logistics headquarter is based. That way our production chain is as short and efficient as possible.
  • We always produce in limited quantities because we don't believe in overproduction. That's why it may happen that your garment of choice is currently not in stock. But we will do our best to meet your demands as quick as possible.

4. Size chart


Find your perfect fit:

Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest, the smallest part of your waist and the largest part of your hips. Measure the entire circumference and make sure your tape measure remains parallel to the ground. Heights comply with German standards (Ladies with size 36/small – 168cm, Men with size 48/small – 180cm).

Choosing the right size:

After taking measurements compare your results with the chart. If you are in-between sizes the choice is yours. All of our garments are slim fit and comply with German standards. If you prefer a more relaxed feel, choose the bigger size, but if you like it tight, better opt for the smaller size. For example, if your chest circumference size is medium but your waist size is small, we recommend you choose in favour of your chest circumference.

5. Wash-, Care- and Wearing-rules

Our apparel envelops you like a second skin - that's why you should treat it as such.

  • Washing generally causes stress for clothing as well as nature. All our garments should be washed inside out at 30°C (85°F). Please wash with liquid detergent and similar colors in the delicate cycle. Please don't use bleach or fabric conditioners and don't iron the garments. We recommend using a laundry bag.
  • The piece should not be tumble dried but hung up to dry in well ventilated rooms without direct sunlight.
  • Never store any garments in poorly ventilated environments like plastic bags, suitcases, etc. - rinse with clear water to avoid sweat affecting the fabric

6. Lightweight EDELSTOFF

Our world is a cycle.
We understand that performance is the precursor of achievement.
Nature is the greatest challenge yet and the elements can be unforgiving.
It is this very moment when performance is crucial.
We provide the tools to master the unforeseen.
We work with nature to cherish its treasures
Yesterday, today, tomorrow.
We are
the cycle of perfection

7. Service

Find a dealer near you or contact us:
+49 (7541) 3889 - 12