1. Profession

No element is too small to make a big difference

Each and every element has a essential role to play on the road to dominance. Maximum performance can only be achieved when all links work together perfectly, which is why they need to be chosen very carefully. The newly-developed Lightweight seat post bears just as much responsibility for power transmission as all the other elements do. Nothing was left to chance, for the simple reason that LEISTUNGSTRÄGER means more in every way: more comfort, more flexibility and more safety. To defend the lead successfully paying attention to even the smallest detail becomes crucial. The combination of different materials with an individual layer structure not only reduces weight it also significantly increases riding comfort, power transfer and durability. Its availability in two different lengths as well as its classic 27,2 mm support clamp makes this seat post compatible with the majority of current frames. The result does not only look impressive, riding it is simply a must. LEISTUNGSTRÄGER was developed for riders who always demand the maximum from themselves and their bike.

2. Production

3. Data & Comparison


Seat post in 300 / 350 (seat post / incl. components): 172 g / 185 g

300 mm / 350 mm

black / white

Support diameter
27,2 mm

20 mm

Saddle clamp
cast aluminium

Compatible saddle rails
Ø 7 mm / 7x9 mm

Premissible system weight
120 kg

  • Elegant and tidy design
  • 20 mm offset for improved comfort
  • Individual layer structure for highest technical requirements regarding safety and comfort
  • Classic 27,2 mm clamp for high compatibility
  • Aluminium saddle clamp for highest size accuracy and longevity
  • Compatible with Ø 7 mm and 7x9 mm saddle rails (mounting parts included)

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