1. Profession

One connection that can change everything

In order to transmit the handlebar’s maneuvers to the street as precise as possible you need a perfect chain of components. BÜGELHALTER completes Lightweight uncompromising vision of the ultimate racing cycle. Developed and tested under the most extreme conditions, this stem withstands even heaviest loads and thus improves safety significantly. Its layer structure is specifically designed for each individual size to keep weight at a minimum while providing maximum safety.

2. Production

3. Data & Comparison


110 g Stem 100 mm (including mounting parts)

Sizes (in mm)
80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130

Steerer clamp

Handlebar clamp
31,8 mm


Max. Torque
4,5 Nm

+/- 6°

Max. system weight
120 kg

  • Matching combination together with our handlebars and our URGESTALT frame
  • Individual layer construction for highest technical requirements, safety and comfort.
  • EFBE tested stem for highest safety.
  • Common diameters for bar and steerer clamp for high compatibility.
  • Wide range of sizes for highest flexibility.
  • Compatible with all current handlebars and forks.

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