What exactly is FAHRWERK?

Lightweight wheels

From its’ very first wheelset, Lightweight has stood for perfection and unique technological solutions, entirely focused on achieving the optimum performance for the rider. The combination of lightweight, stiffness and a design that harnesses the transfer of energy, guided by the principle of perfectly transferring the rider’s power to the road. Built with revolutionary quality using state-of-the-art composite fiber materials, our rim designs are shaped by pure logic, symbolizing even today our pursuit of technical perfection.

Lightweight URGESTALT

Our vision in developing URGESTALT was to replicate all the technical attributes of our wheelsets in a race bike frame. The same principle was at work here: finding the most effective combination of a lightweight design suitable for everyday use, stiffness, and technical perfection. The logical evolution of Lightweight’s vision of developing the very best products for the greatest possible rider experience. Like our wheelsets, URGESTALT was developed to perfectly harness the power of the rider and transfer it to the wheels without loss.

Lightweight FAHRWERK

The FAHRWERK race bike is the perfect marriage of the two components most responsible for an effective transfer of power: the frame and wheelset. We are the first manufacturer to develop, build, and bring to market an optimized, integrated technical solution for both the frame and wheelset. The perfect race bike, like so many other things, is so much more than the sum of its (lovingly chosen) parts. It takes all the individual components working together in harmony to produce something unique:

FAHRWERK: Perfect Power Transmission!

WEISSED: The FAHRWERK that turns heads

Statement by the Lightweight Test Team:

195,000 km of racing and training – 28 victories and 35 additional podium spots in the 2014 season – that’s why we trust in FAHRWERK!

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