The ideal wheelset for mountain training

With a flat rim profile of only 27 mm perfect for wind and mountains

The conditions on the mountain stages are completely different from those on flat roads. The racing cyclists have to struggle with the wind in particular. Thanks to the 27 millimetre flat rim, the GIPFELSTURM wheel is extremely resistant to the wind and can be steered well even in adverse conditions. The GIPFELSTURM wheelset has a high degree of rigidity, while at the same time providing comfort for the cyclist. It also offers the best performance on mountainous routes for maximum performance on the road bike. The low weight ensures acceleration values worth seeing. During the mountain sprint, GIPFELSTURM shows no twisting, on the road Lightweight GIPFELSTURM shines with excellent damping properties. Downhill it shows no weaknesses either. With its classic profile, GIPFELSTURM is also a very tasteful wheelset. In short, GIPFELSTURM is the best wheel for alpine tracks, high mountain tracks and even for cross cyclists. A masterpiece of German craftsmanship from Lake Constance.

Your favourite wheel

Mountain wheel set - climbing wheels for the road bike

Two things are important for a mountain wheel: stiffness and low weight. If a race is going mostly uphill, lightweight construction is always an advantage. However, the sacrifices in stiffness must not be too high. If the road cyclist is in an upright position for the final sprint, the carbon wheelset should not "wobble". This will otherwise lead to a lack of control and unnecessary loss of watts. One reason for this is the lack of stiffness. In the mountains you should pay special attention that not every wheel has the same good braking characteristics. Here the rider should be able to rely on his road bike and use rim brake, disc brake, aluminium or carbon wheels according to his individual abilities.

The full carbon wheels from Lightweight GIPFELSTURM at a glance

The 28" Carbon Tubular Wheel GIPFELSTURM is the mountain wheel with a classic rim profile among the Lightweight wheels and

  • manoeuvrable and little susceptible to wind
  • stiff and comfortable at the same time
  • especially suitable for windy and very mountainous routes
  • due to its flat rim profile more comfortable for shoulder and neck than comparable high profile wheels
  • also in combination e.g. with the Lightweight MEILENSTEIN the ideal all-rounder for light athletes

You can equip your road bike with the following carbon wheelset

The Lightweight GIPFELSTURM is available as tubular version. The Carbon wheelset GIPFELSTURM Tubular offers best stiffness to weight (STW) values and is ideal for long climbs and specific mountain training. The flat profile of the GIPFELSTURM helps to ensure that you are relaxed on the road bike in racing position. The Lightweight GIPFELSTURM wheelset can be purchased with a 20 mm wide rim.

  • Rim brake
  • 20 mm rim
  • Front wheel with 20 full carbon spokes
  • rear wheel with 24 full carbon spokes
  • perfect companion for light athletes and mountain specialists
  • Easily replaceable rotor for Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM
  • The SchwarzED (Black Edition) offers additional - simple clarity through understatement: spokes, rim and logos in black, greater durability and lower rolling resistance through CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings

Every Lightweight wheelset is carefully handmade in Germany. This can lead to slight variations in surface structure and colour. This is a characteristic quality feature of this particularly high-quality production method. Lightweight stands for high-end quality Made in Germany.