Alberto Contador sets new Everesting record on Lightweight MEILENSTEIN wheels!

He can still do it! Alberto Contador has set a new Everesting record. After 7:27:20 hours, the Spanish rider was barely 2:37 minutes faster than the Australian record holder Lachlan Morton.
Alberto Contador covered 8,848 meters of altitude in 7:27:20 hours on his bike, breaking the recent record set by Lachlan Morton (EF Education First) in Everesting.

The now 37-year-old Contador, who ended his long career in 2017, still has a lot of power in his legs. Contador set the new record in Silla del Rey, north of Madrid, on a 960 m long and 13 percent steep climb, which he mastered 78 times, covering 139.35 kilometres.

According to his own statement, Alberto Contador wasn't really looking to break any records: "We wanted to test material and see how it behaved in very specific environments. That's why we went to the limit. The other day we joked about the challenge of the Everesting Challenge and many comments encouraged us to do so".

He is currently preparing to launch his own brand of bikes, Abikes, and is testing the material extensively. The Everesting Challenge was the perfect opportunity to do this and the results are quite impressive!

The MEILENSTEIN T24D are part of the racing bike. The MEILENSTEIN is a real all-rounder and perfectly suited for high mountains, training or even competition. The Lightweight MEILENSTEIN is not only very light, but also very stiff and the stiffer the carbon wheel is, the more track stable it is. This effect has an impact on the steering: the stiffness makes the steering more direct and especially reliable. The energy that is generated at every start and every sprint is thus directly transferred to the road. The high stiffness is additionally increased by the connection of the spokes to the hub. This eliminates the need to re-centre the spokes, as no setting behaviour occurs. The MEILENSTEIN T24 D is equipped with a disc brake and a so-called Pentagon hub. The hub sleeve was developed and patented by Lightweight. It provides more safety, because the wheel hardly twists during braking. In the Magura endurance test the Pentagon hub proved to be "indestructible".