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Lightweight FAHRWERK: Light Bikes Store in Brazil built this perfect power transmission machine with URGESALT, matching MEILENSTEIN wheeels, DA Di2, RENNBÜGEL, EDELHELFER und HANDBAND - weight of that machine - 6040g!!! Thanx to Marcelo Guarnieri for the pictures!! :D

Lightweight meets Canada: Veloro Bikes built this Cervelo beauty with MEILENSTEIN SCHARZ ED - let it roll!! :D

Lightweight meets France: Have LOOK how MEILENSTEIN tubulars and RENNBÜGEL fit into this nice 795 built Push Cartel put together - future is now!! :D

Lightweight Französisch: Schaut mal wie schön sich MEILENSTEIN tubulars und der RENNBÜGEL ins aktuelle LOOK 795 einfügen - Zukunftsdesign heute!! :D

Lightweight FAHRWERK: Trak Cycles/AUS built this two URGESTALT with matching MEILENSTEIN wheels for perfect power transmission for this couple - happy rides!!! :D

Lightweight FAHRWERK: Have a look what Cycling Projects Racing in Ashbury/Australia built: URGESTALT with MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER wheels - perfect power transmission, supported by Schmolke Carbon bar, EDELHELFER bottle cages and THM brakes and crankset - total weight incl. pedals - 5,7kg - WE LIKE!!! :D

Lightweight Experience: You want to experience one of the most exiting areas in the world? On Lightweight bikes? Get in touch with Klaus Pigorsch and his company http://www.cyclingholidaysme.com/ for your bike ride in Dubai. Get your Lightweight bike at Wolfi´s Bike Shop and make up your mind if you would like to discover Dubai at night on iluminated bike paths - or conquer the desert or do one of that special "coast to coast-rides" - or ride with the pros....or a combination of all that......a real cool Lightweight and Dubai experience!! :D

Lightweight FAHRWERK built: Have a look at this superb video done by Velodrom Studio TV together with our distributor Bikestage in Spain - WE LIKE!!!! :D


Lightweight in Dubai: If you ever have the chance - swing by at Wolfi´s Bike Shop in Dubai for getting your hands at some of the coolest stuff in bike business - Lightweight Team stopped by for some support around the Dubai International Triathlon - including congratulating Till Schramm coming in 2nd in that race on AUTOBAHN disc / FERNWEG front - and some cool impressions... :D