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Lightweight at Team Alpecin: Second major goal set and done - the whole team had to face crazy weather conditions at the Endura Alpen-Traum 2014 - all survived and the team captain ended third - all at MEILENSTEIN tubulars or GIPFELSTURM - no crashes, no flats - just great performance....CONGRATS!!!

Lightweight beim Team Alpecin: Auch die zweite große Herausforderung ist erfolgreich bewältigt worden - das gesamte Team incl. aller Betreuer und Mechaniker hatte es mit teilweise verrücktem Radler-Wetter zu tun - alle haben überlebt und der Boss ist als Dritter sogar noch mal aufs Podium gefahren - das gesamte Team auf MEILENSTEIN tubulars oder GIPFELSTURM.......Fazit: keine Stürze, keine Platten, keine Ausfälle - einfach nur Top-Performance.....HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH!!!

Lightweight in SCHWARZ: Gustavo Menezes Racing got two new rides - his matt-black Sarto with MEILENSTEIN SCHWARZ ED will help him to get ready for his first Ironman in November.....and yes, the car IS nice too!!! :D

Lightweight at Interbike: Check out MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER and the discbrake proto at Storck booth - Dave Powers from Lightweight Cycling North America did it already.... :D

Lightweight goes Belgium: What do you think about this built?? Ritte Bicycles Vlaanderen with MEILENSTEIN tubular wheels and RENNBÜGEL handlebar, Dura Ace Di2 and custom painted RitcheyLogic Carbon Matrix stem - built by Push Cartel.... :D

Lightweight auf Belgisch: Wie gefällt euch dieses Bike? Ritte Bicycles aus Flandern mit MEILENSTEIN tubulars, RENNBÜGEL, DuraAce Di2 und custom painted Ritchey Carbon Matrix Vorbau - aufgebaut von Push Cartel.... :D

Lightweight builts: Have a look at this beauty! Parlee built this Z-zero disc custom wrapped in digital snow camo - with Lightweight discbrake prototype wheels (only for the show - sorry Glen) for a cool Aussie guy - matching color to his daughters cat! HAVE FUN!! :D

Lightweight bikes: Schaut mal was Parlee auf dem Eurobike-Stand präsentiert haben: Custom built Z-zero Disc mit Lightweight Discbrake-Prototyp (sorry, Glen - war nur für die Messe) in digital snow carmo! Das Bike wird ab sofort in Australien unterweg sein....warum die Farbe? Weil sie zur Katze der Tochter passt! VIEL SPASS!! :D

Lightweight did it again: Roberto Cunico succeeded in winning this years´ Ötztaler Radmarathon - on Lightweight MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER - Congrats!!

We had the chance to do a little interview with the winner:

Q1: How do you feel today, do you have more pain in the legs or in the head from the after-race-party?
A1: At the moment I have more pain in my head after the race party... Yesterday I was drunk 😵

Q2: Which bike did you use? With what Setup?
A2: I use a Beraldo Bike, it's an Italian frame all made in Italy. My setup for yesterday was 50/34 in front and 12/29 on the back. Wheels are MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER.

Q3: Why do you use Tubulars?
A3: I use tubulars(25mm) because the bike is more performing, better in corners, more speed. Also in downhill it is safer and I feel better than with clinchers.

Q4: Did you plan to attack that early?
A4: I didn't plan to attack in Jaufenpass, but when I realized that the first group was going too slow for me, I decided to try... I did the best time of all years in Jaufenpass climb.

Q5: Are you going to try to beat the 7 hours barrier if perfect conditions will allow this goal?
5) Also yesterday was a good day for race record, but we went too slow climbing the Brennerpass. Next year I want to try to finish under 7h.

Q6: What´s your next target for this season?
A6: I will attending at Endura Alpentraum race at 13th of September.

Q7: How many km do you ride per year?
A7: About 20.000-25.000km incl. races.

CU at the Endura Alpentraum - Team Alpecin and Lightweight will be there too!

Lightweight innovations: Have a look at the Lightweight future technology innovation Velocité that had a worldwide premiere at Eurobike - and read the press release if you like. Our partner company CarboFibreTec has a major part in this project!

Lightweight Innovationen: Schaut mal - Velocité ist eine Lightweight Zukunfts-Technologie-Demonstration die auf der diesjährigen Eurobike Weltpremiere hatte - im Anhang findet ihr auch den Link zu den Pressemitteilungen, platziert auf der Seite von CarboFibreTec, einer unserer Partnerfirmen in der Unternehmensgruppe und Projektleiter dieses Technologie-Projektes!



Lightweight at Ötztaler Radmarathon - Team Alpecin: Have a look at this years Team Alpecin highlight No1 - the Ötztaler Radmarathon! The whole team on MEILENSTEIN tubulars and GIPFELSTURM wheels - all crossing finish line after a day with mixed weather conditions - wind, rain, fog, sun - a little bit of everything. No crashes, no flats - superb performance - superb support! Next stop: Endura Alpentraum - gogogo!!

Pictures done by foto@bopicture.de!

Lightweight at Eurobike: Have a look at our beloved ladies, how crowded our booth was - and a nice pic of one of our shareholders with Lightweight sales agent Hongkong/China - it has been a great show! Thank you to all who did their best to make this an awesome show for Lightweight - and THANK YOU for attending at our booth!! CU at the races, lunch rides, evenening rollouts - and next year at Eurobike!!

Lightweight auf der Eurobike: Einige Messeimpressionen von unseren Damen, den zahlreichen Besuchern auf unserem Messestand sowie von einem unserer Inhaber gemeinsam mit der Sales-Agentin für Hongkong/China - es war eine tolle Eurobike für Lightweight - ein herzliches Dankeschön an alle die dazu bei getragen haben - und ein DANKESCHÖN an alle die uns besucht haben!! Wir sehen uns - bei Rennen, bei Feierabendrundne, RTFs, beim Alpentraum - und mit Sicherheit wieder auf der nächsten Eurobike!!

Lightweight at Eurobike: even Tour-Magazin readers noticed us.... On Podium of readers poll 2014.... :D Wooohooo!!

Lightweight at Eurobike: We played a little bit with color options....should we go color at all? ...and if yes: Should it be full color? Should it be something like the applications at the frames? Should the wheels be in matching colors or applications? What color would you go for?? Your comments are very wellcome!! :)

Lightweight auf der Eurobike: wir haben mal das Thema Farbe "gespielt"...wie ist eure Meinung dazu?? Soll es Farboptionen bei Lightweight geben? .... Und wenn ja - eher als Vollfarbe oder in Richtung Farbapplikationen wie auf den Rahmen? Welche Farbe würdet ihr wählen?? Eure Meinung ist gefragt!! :)

Lightweight at Eurobike: Theese hands are crafting for your passion!! Have a nice day and enjoy your ride!! :D