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Lightweight on speed: you can't imagine how glad we would be to announce this as the first of our new company car fleet......but instead we are working hard to make our wheels, frames and accessoires a little bit better every day.....hey, and a little dreaming must be allowed.... :D

Lightweight - dressed like a boss: you would like to wrap yourself in stylish Lightweight-Assos winter and summer bike wear? Have a look at www.lightweight.info/shop and get your 25% off deal! :D

Lightweight - es gibt....nur coole Klamotten: Du wolltest schon immer mal in nem neuen Lightweight-Assos Outfit glänzen? Dann schau jetzt gleich in unserem Shop unter www.lightweight.info/shop vorbei und schnapp Dir Deinen 25%-Deal! :D


Have a look at www.lightweight.info/shop and get our new CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED program!

Schaut mal bei www.lightweight.info/shop vorbei und werft einen Blick auf unser neues CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED Angebot!

Lightweight Extravaganza: Sometimes people at Lightweight have the time to try something just to see.....very unique mirrror-URGESTALT - the one and only at planet earth - ridden by one of our guys.....what do you think? :D

Lightweight Extravaganza: Manchmal probieren wir bei Lightweight einfach mal was aus.....die weltweit einzige URGESTALT in Chrome-Optik.......was meint ihr? :D

Lightweight on tour: bike dealers in GB - come over and meet Lightweight in room Syndicate 3 at Core Bike Show 2015!! 😃

Lightweight on tour: Some impressions from the other side of the world - at Lightweight booth during TDU in Adelaide - and our David Bergmann met a really nice couple at Trakcylces enjoying their FAHRWERK-Rides to see the start of the Tour Down Under stage..... :D

Lightweight FAHRWERK: some say riding a FAHRWERK is like flying.....we are pretty sure sooner or later this might be become reality...... :D

Lightweight on tour: some impressions of our team at Velofollies show in Kortrijk/Belgium - today there is the last day so better hurry up to get your hands at some Lightweight.... CU st booth #125!! 😃

Lightweight on tour: Seems that there is some trafic at the booth at Tour Down Under......get there to get your hands alt some Lightweight stuff!! 😃

Lightweight colored: Laktat³ from Berlin built this custom colored URGESTALT - nice job!!....half way done to perfect power transmission - still some room for improvement.... 😃

Lightweight farbig: Laktat³ aus Berlin hat diese schöne URGESTALT zusammen gestellt - cooles Teil!!....schon der halbe Weg in Sachen perfekter Kraftfluss - aber irgendwas könnte man noch verbessern..... 😃

Lightweight in Australia: Have a look what Baum Cycles built especially for the coming Tour Down Under - MEILENSTEIN SCHWARZ ED. - look out for the Lightweight guys at TDU the coming days.... 😃