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Lightweight Granfondo: For all our Italian speaking friends - have a look at an interview Jörg Ludewig, ex-pro and Lightweights Head of sales did with grandfondonews.it.... :D


Lightweight at Team Alpecin: Second major goal set and done - the whole team had to face crazy weather conditions at the Endura Alpen-Traum 2014 - all survived and the team captain ended third - all at MEILENSTEIN tubulars or GIPFELSTURM - no crashes, no flats - just great performance....CONGRATS!!!

Lightweight beim Team Alpecin: Auch die zweite große Herausforderung ist erfolgreich bewältigt worden - das gesamte Team incl. aller Betreuer und Mechaniker hatte es mit teilweise verrücktem Radler-Wetter zu tun - alle haben überlebt und der Boss ist als Dritter sogar noch mal aufs Podium gefahren - das gesamte Team auf MEILENSTEIN tubulars oder GIPFELSTURM.......Fazit: keine Stürze, keine Platten, keine Ausfälle - einfach nur Top-Performance.....HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH!!!

Lightweight in SCHWARZ: Gustavo Menezes Racing got two new rides - his matt-black Sarto with MEILENSTEIN SCHWARZ ED will help him to get ready for his first Ironman in November.....and yes, the car IS nice too!!! :D

Lightweight at Interbike: Check out MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER and the discbrake proto at Storck booth - Dave Powers from Lightweight Cycling North America did it already.... :D

Lightweight goes Belgium: What do you think about this built?? Ritte Bicycles Vlaanderen with MEILENSTEIN tubular wheels and RENNBÜGEL handlebar, Dura Ace Di2 and custom painted RitcheyLogic Carbon Matrix stem - built by Push Cartel.... :D

Lightweight auf Belgisch: Wie gefällt euch dieses Bike? Ritte Bicycles aus Flandern mit MEILENSTEIN tubulars, RENNBÜGEL, DuraAce Di2 und custom painted Ritchey Carbon Matrix Vorbau - aufgebaut von Push Cartel.... :D

Lightweight builts: Have a look at this beauty! Parlee built this Z-zero disc custom wrapped in digital snow camo - with Lightweight discbrake prototype wheels (only for the show - sorry Glen) for a cool Aussie guy - matching color to his daughters cat! HAVE FUN!! :D

Lightweight bikes: Schaut mal was Parlee auf dem Eurobike-Stand präsentiert haben: Custom built Z-zero Disc mit Lightweight Discbrake-Prototyp (sorry, Glen - war nur für die Messe) in digital snow carmo! Das Bike wird ab sofort in Australien unterweg sein....warum die Farbe? Weil sie zur Katze der Tochter passt! VIEL SPASS!! :D

Lightweight did it again: Roberto Cunico succeeded in winning this years´ Ötztaler Radmarathon - on Lightweight MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER - Congrats!!

We had the chance to do a little interview with the winner:

Q1: How do you feel today, do you have more pain in the legs or in the head from the after-race-party?
A1: At the moment I have more pain in my head after the race party... Yesterday I was drunk 😵

Q2: Which bike did you use? With what Setup?
A2: I use a Beraldo Bike, it's an Italian frame all made in Italy. My setup for yesterday was 50/34 in front and 12/29 on the back. Wheels are MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER.

Q3: Why do you use Tubulars?
A3: I use tubulars(25mm) because the bike is more performing, better in corners, more speed. Also in downhill it is safer and I feel better than with clinchers.

Q4: Did you plan to attack that early?
A4: I didn't plan to attack in Jaufenpass, but when I realized that the first group was going too slow for me, I decided to try... I did the best time of all years in Jaufenpass climb.

Q5: Are you going to try to beat the 7 hours barrier if perfect conditions will allow this goal?
5) Also yesterday was a good day for race record, but we went too slow climbing the Brennerpass. Next year I want to try to finish under 7h.

Q6: What´s your next target for this season?
A6: I will attending at Endura Alpentraum race at 13th of September.

Q7: How many km do you ride per year?
A7: About 20.000-25.000km incl. races.

CU at the Endura Alpentraum - Team Alpecin and Lightweight will be there too!

Lightweight innovations: Have a look at the Lightweight future technology innovation Velocité that had a worldwide premiere at Eurobike - and read the press release if you like. Our partner company CarboFibreTec has a major part in this project!

Lightweight Innovationen: Schaut mal - Velocité ist eine Lightweight Zukunfts-Technologie-Demonstration die auf der diesjährigen Eurobike Weltpremiere hatte - im Anhang findet ihr auch den Link zu den Pressemitteilungen, platziert auf der Seite von CarboFibreTec, einer unserer Partnerfirmen in der Unternehmensgruppe und Projektleiter dieses Technologie-Projektes!



Lightweight at Ötztaler Radmarathon - Team Alpecin: Have a look at this years Team Alpecin highlight No1 - the Ötztaler Radmarathon! The whole team on MEILENSTEIN tubulars and GIPFELSTURM wheels - all crossing finish line after a day with mixed weather conditions - wind, rain, fog, sun - a little bit of everything. No crashes, no flats - superb performance - superb support! Next stop: Endura Alpentraum - gogogo!!

Pictures done by foto@bopicture.de!

Lightweight at Eurobike: Have a look at our beloved ladies, how crowded our booth was - and a nice pic of one of our shareholders with Lightweight sales agent Hongkong/China - it has been a great show! Thank you to all who did their best to make this an awesome show for Lightweight - and THANK YOU for attending at our booth!! CU at the races, lunch rides, evenening rollouts - and next year at Eurobike!!

Lightweight auf der Eurobike: Einige Messeimpressionen von unseren Damen, den zahlreichen Besuchern auf unserem Messestand sowie von einem unserer Inhaber gemeinsam mit der Sales-Agentin für Hongkong/China - es war eine tolle Eurobike für Lightweight - ein herzliches Dankeschön an alle die dazu bei getragen haben - und ein DANKESCHÖN an alle die uns besucht haben!! Wir sehen uns - bei Rennen, bei Feierabendrundne, RTFs, beim Alpentraum - und mit Sicherheit wieder auf der nächsten Eurobike!!

Lightweight at Eurobike: even Tour-Magazin readers noticed us.... On Podium of readers poll 2014.... :D Wooohooo!!