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Lightweight on tour: if you want to see some unique URGESTALT - stop by at the Kolokram booth at the "For Bikes" show in Praque!! A number of perfect power transmission mashines are on display - custom FAHRWERK - the Lightweight Cycling Setup!! 😃

Lightweight on speed: Have a look at the machine Francois Lamiraud/France will do his attemt on the french hour record at 11th of April at the track in Roubaix - on RUNDKURS! Good luck Fancois!! :D

Lightweight colored FAHRWERK: Beautifull and unique build by Laktat³ in Berlin for a customer: Lightweight URGESTALT + Lightweight MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER SCHWARZ ED + Shimano Dura Ace DI2 + SRM Powermeter + Tune Komm-Vor saddle + Enve stem + EDELHELFER Flaschenhalter + RENNBÜGEL Lenker + Lightweight HANDBAND + Continental Competition - perfect power transmission with yellow details! :D

Lightweight colored FAHRWERK: Schönes Einzelstück - zusammengestellt auf Kundenwunsch von Laktat³ in Berlin: Lightweight URGESTALT + Lightweight MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER SCHWARZ ED + Shimano Dura Ace DI2 + SRM Powermeter + Tune Komm-Vor Sattel + Enve Vorbau + EDELHELFER Flaschenhalter + RENNBÜGEL Lenker + Lightweight HANDBAND + Continental Competition - kraftflussgereichtes Design in Gelb! :D

Lightweight season starts: Sun is out - season is on! Have a look at www.lightweight.info/shop to get all the stuff you need for you next ride, your next training camp, the first race, the perfect climb.....our shop is open 24/7 all around Europe!!

Lightweight Saison startet: Die Sonne wärmt - die Saison beginnt! Schau unter www.lightweight.info/shop und deck Dich mit allem ein was Du für Deine erste Ausfahrt, das erste Trainingslager, das erste Rennen brauchst.....unser Shop ist 24/7 europaweit für Dich da!

Lightweight GERMAN ED - making something perfect even more exclusive!

Have a look at


and discover the GERMAN EDITION of our URGESTALT!

Available exclusively in Asia-Pacific!

Lightweight on SPEED: Have a look at todays newsletter of bikeradar.com.... http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/article/the-blisteringly-fast-new-wave-of-hour-record-bikes-43851/

....guess what wheels are at least in half of those bikes.... :)

Lightweight CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED: you would like to add some color or some speed to your bike? Have a look at www.lightweight.info/shop - we might have the right products for you in our CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED area! :D

Lightweight CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED: Du hättest gerne etwas Farbe am Rad - oder mehr Speed? Dann schau doch mal unter www.lightweight.info/shop - im CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED Bereich sollte was für Dich dabei sein! :D

Lightweight combo: Have a look at this Dogma F8 our dealer Above Category Cycling build - interesting combo with FERNWEG rear and MEILENSTEIN front wheel - we like!! :D

Lightweight - your opinion please: From time to time we get some requests for color options. To go into this direction we are thinking of expanding our line of HANDBAND bar tape - and therefore we would like to get your opinion if and what colors you like!! So please LIKE YOUR FAVORITE COLOR(S) - each one individually please - and we will choose the winners for entering our line of products. THANK YOU!! :D

Lightweight - eure Meinung ist gefragt: Immer wieder erhalten wir Anfragen nach farbigen Details und Versionen. Deswegen überlegen wir, ob wir die HANDBAND-Reihe farbig ergänzen sollen - und da kommt ihr ins Spiel! Bitte "liked" doch eure Lieblings-Farbe(n) - jede hat ein einzelnes Bild - und wir nehmen dann die "Gewinner" mit in unsere Produktlinie auf!! :D

Lightweight on speed: some race Ironman triathlons - some even more than one per season - Ludovic Chorgnon/France is going to do more: his goal is the new world record of 41 Ironman in 41 days - on AUTOBAHN disc and front!!! Good luck Ludo!!! You want to follow Ludo? Have a look at www.defi41.com!

Lightweight auf Speed: Es gibt Ironman-Finisher - und es gibt Ludovic Chorgnon. Er versucht im Juli einen neuen Weltrekord auf zu stellen - 41 Ironman-Triathlons in 41 Tagen - auf AUTOBAHN!! Wir wünschen Ludo allen Erfolg der Welt - und wer auf dem Laufenden sein möchte schaut am besten regelmäßig auf www.defi41.com vorbei!!