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Have a look at www.lightweight.info/shop and get our new CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED program!

Schaut mal bei www.lightweight.info/shop vorbei und werft einen Blick auf unser neues CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED Angebot!

Lightweight Extravaganza: Sometimes people at Lightweight have the time to try something just to see.....very unique mirrror-URGESTALT - the one and only at planet earth - ridden by one of our guys.....what do you think? :D

Lightweight Extravaganza: Manchmal probieren wir bei Lightweight einfach mal was aus.....die weltweit einzige URGESTALT in Chrome-Optik.......was meint ihr? :D

Lightweight on tour: bike dealers in GB - come over and meet Lightweight in room Syndicate 3 at Core Bike Show 2015!! 😃

Lightweight on tour: Some impressions from the other side of the world - at Lightweight booth during TDU in Adelaide - and our David Bergmann met a really nice couple at Trakcylces enjoying their FAHRWERK-Rides to see the start of the Tour Down Under stage..... :D

Lightweight FAHRWERK: some say riding a FAHRWERK is like flying.....we are pretty sure sooner or later this might be become reality...... :D

Lightweight on tour: some impressions of our team at Velofollies show in Kortrijk/Belgium - today there is the last day so better hurry up to get your hands at some Lightweight.... CU st booth #125!! 😃

Lightweight on tour: Seems that there is some trafic at the booth at Tour Down Under......get there to get your hands alt some Lightweight stuff!! 😃

Lightweight colored: Laktat³ from Berlin built this custom colored URGESTALT - nice job!!....half way done to perfect power transmission - still some room for improvement.... 😃

Lightweight farbig: Laktat³ aus Berlin hat diese schöne URGESTALT zusammen gestellt - cooles Teil!!....schon der halbe Weg in Sachen perfekter Kraftfluss - aber irgendwas könnte man noch verbessern..... 😃

Lightweight in Australia: Have a look what Baum Cycles built especially for the coming Tour Down Under - MEILENSTEIN SCHWARZ ED. - look out for the Lightweight guys at TDU the coming days.... 😃

Lightweight dirty: Congratulations to STEVENS Racing Team - two CX National Champion titles and three P2 are now in the palmares of the team after last weekends German Cyclocross Championships in Borna - MEILENSTEIN helped! :D

Lightweight schmutzig: Herzlichen Glückwunsch dem STEVENS Racing Team zum Gewinn von zwei Gold- und drei Silbermedaillen bei der diesjährigen Radcross-DM in Borna!! Wir sind stolz darauf dass unsere MEILENSTEIN Laufräder dazu ihren Teil beitragen konnten!! :D

Foto-Credits: Armin Küstenbrück - EGO promotions

Lightweight on speed: Congratulations to Till Schramm for winning Giant-Duathlon-Dubai - one week after his victory at the ASHURST-Aquathlon-Dubai - AUTOBAHN disc and front tubulars for perfect performance - good start Till!!! :D

Lightweight in Belgium: Get your hands on......CU next week at Velofollies!

Lightweight on speed: Congratulation to Miles Scottson - he was the fastest guy in the U-23 category - and could name himself now National Champion Australia in Time Trial - on AUTOBAHN!! Good job!! :D