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Lightweight F1: Have a look what Above Category Cycling built - a real nice tribute to one of the most beautiful Forumla-1 cars ever - with MEILENSTEIN SCHWARZ ED wheels! :)

Lightweight - get ready: have a look at our 24/7 shop and get your season starter kit! :D


Lightweight - get ready: Schaut mal bei uns im 24/7 Shop vorbei und holt euch alles was ihr für einen frischen Saisonstart braucht! :D

Lightweight CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED: Have a look at our website to see if your dream can become true right now! The CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED program is online with some new products! :)


Lightweight CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED: Schaut mal auf unserer Website vorbei, in unserem CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED Programm ist mit Sicherheit auch für euch was dabei! :)

Lightweight auf tour: Dieses Wochenende sind wir auf der Triathlon Conventtion Europe in Langen bei Darmstadt am Start. Schaut vorbei auf ein Gespräch mit unserem Ironman Greg Rüschoff und Product Manager Oliver Kiesel - und ja, unsere Speed-Produkte haben wir auch mit dabei! :D

Lightweight meets USA: this stealth Parlee ESX was build by Push Cartel with MEILENSTEIN SCHWARZ EDITION - perfect job!! 😃

Lightweight meets Italy: Have a look what our partner Veloart in Poland build.....

Lightweight titan: Have a look at this Passoni-MEILENSTEIN "carbon meets titan" match! :D

Lightweight limited: Have a look at this 2015 Lightweight German Edition - sub 6kg FAHRWERK exclusive in Asia-Pacific - built by T3 Bicycle Gears Pte Ltd! :D